January 4th - A New Year, Big Changes

I haven't posted in a while due to me figuring out what I wanted to do this year. Not a resolution but a plan. If you've been keeping an eye on my website you might have noticed that it has been changing quite a bit. That is because I'm going head first into starting my Kung Fu School. At first, it will be online and later when I have my certificates, experience and money; I will have my own place. 

Just recently, I've become a student to the relatively new world of Online Classes. I'm working towards getting my personal trainer and nutritionist certificates through the ISSA while studying Chinese Tea on Udemy. It is a big step for me as I'm throwing down money as "investments" to my plan... no turning back now. 

Now that I've signed up for these classes online I have to get a driver's license which will lead me to looking for a job during this pandemic. Once these smaller steps are done I will then be able to focus on work/study while saving money for China. I've given hard consideration as to what school to go to. I'm thinking Kunming or just head straight to the actual Shaolin Temple. Something in my mind... no, my heart... tells me that Kunming will be a more unique experience.

If my online Kung Fu school actually gets some momentum then that will be cool because I could then have a source of income while I'm traveling. I'd still need to make courses or work on videos while traveling but that won't be an issue. If there is one thing that you always have, it is time. You just need to make space for what you deem important. 

I hope someone out there is still reading this.

Let's have a good new year!


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