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December 31st - New Year's Eve

December 28th - Sparring Insights and Mexican Food

December 27th - Meditation and Sparring

December 26th - Thinking in the Morning

December 22nd - Working on Expanding

December 21st - Meditation and a Serious Workout

December 20th - A Better Day

December 18th - Motivation and 酸辣粉

December 16th - Dang I Slept A Lot

December 14th - A Weekend of Rest

December 10th - Visa Issues

December 9th - Stretching and Training

December 8th - Pure FC 16 and Some Sparring

December 6th - Trying Meditation

December 3rd - Feeling Tired Already

December 2nd - Getting Back on 3rd Shift Schedule

December 1st - A Happy Holiday and Nearing The End