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January 4th - A New Year, Big Changes

I haven't posted in a while due to me figuring out what I wanted to do this year. Not a resolution but a plan . If you've been keeping an eye on my website you might have noticed that it has been changing quite a bit. That is because I'm going head first into starting my Kung Fu School. At first, it will be online and later when I have my certificates, experience and money; I will have my own place.  Just recently, I've become a student to the relatively new world of Online Classes. I'm working towards getting my personal trainer and nutritionist certificates through the ISSA while studying Chinese Tea on Udemy. It is a big step for me as I'm throwing down money as "investments" to my plan... no turning back now.  Now that I've signed up for these classes online I have to get a driver's license which will lead me to looking for a job during this pandemic. Once these smaller steps are done I will then be able to focus on work/study while saving

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