Painting Marine Scouts and Imperial Infantry!


Last Friday we finally got our crate from the United States which had some of our things that we wanted to bring. My parents had kitchen stuff, clothes, bedding and more but what did I have? Miniatures. The only thing I packed was my Games Workshop miniatures. So I finally got ahold of my Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and my lovely T'au again! I've done many things to catch you all up on but for now I'll just show what I've painted.

Firstly, I repainted all of my Imperial Guard Infantry. I have yet to paint the weapons teams but I was tired of looking at the half painted, poorly thought out black/grey color scheme so I decided to paint them in greens, browns and silver to be able to give them a new look! I think they look wonderful and will grab a picture of them to put them on this site.

Secondly, I finally painted my Space Marine Scouts. I enjoyed the color scheme of the Imperial Guard so much that I wondered what it would look like on the Scouts. Well it looks great in my opinion and now I've got a couple of painted men ready to scout forth and kill some orcs! I still have to paint the 5 Space Scout Snipers but that won't take long. I'm thinking about buying some more scouts to paint as I really enjoyed painting them and far prefer the look of scouts to the heavier space marines. Maybe I'll make a scout army? >:)

 Here are the photos of them. Sorry for the poor quality as I'm still trying to figure out a good place to take pictures of my miniatures in. I'll have to make a light box or something. Anyways, the Scout Marines took 2 days to paint while the Imperial Guardsmen took 3 days to paint. I put way more detail into the scouts than I did the imperial guard but both followed a similar color scheme.

These were the paints used and from left to right where the order I painted them in. I used the grey for the shoulder pads to make the metallic stand out later on and used the green uniform for the various armor pieces on the minis. Then with saddle brown I painted any cloth like the pants or shirts to that color which made the green stand out. Next I would paint the metallic on the shoulder pads. The black was used on the guns, tubing, and imperial guard boots. The Army Painter "leather brown" was used for straps, belts, scout boots, and other small pieces. I used the very watery Vallejo basic skintone for the miniatures' skin and finally the US Dark Green for any heavy weaponry like bazookas and HMGs. Then I washed everything with the classic Nuln Oil. For the skintone I would go back over the skin's raised areas to make it less dirty looking.

That's when we get to the detailing colors of metallic gold, red, BRIGHT blue, and white. Gold was used for the bullets, red the eye balls of the scouts, blue for scopes, and white to show the spooky skulls all over the scout armor and guns. Then they were done!

The work I didn't really talk about was fixing and cleaning up much of my sloppy green stuffing and gluing that I did when these were assembled. I don't know what I was doing but I really was heavy with the green stuff on the scouts and really sloppy with the super glue on the guardsmen. Oh well "battle damage" right?

They may not be the best painted in the world but darnit they are game ready and I'm happy with them. So I hope you are too. I've also got a couple of other projects and a whole battle report to release within the next couple days.



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