Out of Town and some Football


I was in Hong Kong (香港) this past weekend to see the Bruce Lee statue. It was a cool experience and was neat to see another side to China as Hong Kong and Shanghai (上海) are very different from each other. One is the language that they speak. Shanghai is a very "Shanganese" and Mandarin heavy while Hong Kong is only Cantonese and English. Seeing how the planes and airports function over here is neat as well and even though its a 2 hour flight we got meals on both of them, and we flew economy! In the United States you wouldn't get a meal if the flight is under 2.5 hours. Anyways, once we got back from the trip I played some games (as we purchased the Chinese version of Hyrule Warriors) then went to sleep. It wasn't until this morning that a package arrived. That package contained an Electric Football Board and many Football miniatures. Note, this is American Football or as the Chinese say "美式足球"。
The Miniatures for EFL
 My dad and I split the miniatures evenly so that we can make our teams. This is where the Blood Bowl miniatures will come in as we will mount them on EFL bases to see if they will work for our game. If not, then we got some painting practice. Seeing how "simple" the Tudor Football miniatures are I might practice sculpting details into them with clay or greenstuff.

A Cleaner workspace.
Before I left to Hong Kong I actually cleaned the work area and put everything away. Coming back to a nice clean work area was nice as now it gives me space to focus on a single project at a time.

Most of my work has been focusing on the FUBAR rule system and my WIP campaign system for our game. I got alot of work done on it but there is much to do as I've begun working on the "Second Sino-Japanese War" addition to the campaign system. This involves writing some history for the book and making two army lists with unique units and costs in each one along with historical information about each unit type. THEN, once the information is written I've gotta make the pages look nice with template designs and pictures with sources. Slow, but steady progress and not to mention many terrain projects now put on the back burner. Hopefully all this writing will come to fruition and be able to be published as its own game! One day at a time though.



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