October 27th - Looking Back

Kung Fu Picture with Fall colors!

A cloudy morning greeted me as I woke up. It's interesting to look out and think about how much this place has changed within a year. Before, the land surrounding the school was brown and barren. Throughout the spring things began to turn green as the plants returned from their winter rest. Summer, plants bloomed and the weather was beautiful but hot. Colors would dot the now green landscape as flowers took shape. Now, in the Autumn things are slowly going back to brown with a final flash of beautiful colors before the leaves take their leave. The once green landscape now barren as the farmers finished harvesting their crops.

If you asked me to predict how my year at a Kung Fu School would go, I would've never guessed all the events that happened. A Pandemic, Wedding, bonfires, buying bikes, Performances, the various trips we took, people I'd meet, and so much more all leading up to me being the last student here. The time here has certainly been a unique experience.

Tomorrow I leave the school.

Posing for pictures is way harder than it seems.


  1. Enjoy your last few hours there. Safe travels to Shanghai. Love - Mom

  2. what you have done in this last year is amazing man and it shouldn't be traded for the world in experience you have gained.

    1. Hey Sam!

      Glad to see you're still reading. I have to admit it has been amazing here.

      Hope you're still doing well!



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