...can be good and bad. Today's was pretty good. January 29th is my birthday so this post is really just talking about how I spent my birthday.


Today I turned 20 years old.


I woke up at 10am and spent the morning eating breakfast, talking to my mom and replying to family member's "Happy Birthday" messages. Then I cleaned my room before I headed out to walk around Shanghai.


I spent most of my time walking around Shanghai alone, trying to explore new areas I might not have seen before. I had 3 goals in my mind and in the end I only completed one out of three. Goal one was to go to WARHAMMER store and buy a Chinese rulebook for Warhammer 40k. They were closed so I went on to goal 2 which was to find a Kung Fu Gym/School. I did find one located in Tianzifang but I was too late as they closed for the day. (Their hours being 9-12) Goal number 3 was to go to People's Square and go to a nice store called FANTHIFUL where they sell all kinds of merchandise from things like video games, movies and more. On the second floor they have a video game playing area but I haven't gone there as I still don't think my Chinese is that good. When I got to that place I saw it was super packed so I gave up and went home.


While I was completing my goals I did find some new parks and other smaller places that I hadn't been to before. The parks were nice to take a break and just look around at all the different trees that aren't in America. I got lost in thought while walking around these little parks which was a nice little distraction.


Once I got home I began going through my martial arts things that I had pulled out while cleaning my room just to see what I had brought along in the beginning. Since I've gotten to China I haven't touched my martial arts things besides my boxing and MMA gloves. It's interesting to see all of my martial arts things from Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and now Kung Fu. It's really apart of my life even though I'm the worst fighter ever.

我回家的时候看我武术的东西因为当打扫我找到这些东西。我觉得看这个很有趣因为我有很多种。空手道的,跆拳道的,柔道,Krav Maga, 拳击的,现在也有功夫。武术是我生活的块(武术是我的生活的部分吗?)

My gifts from my parents had been sitting on the kitchen table all day but once my dad got home I finally opened them. I waited so that he could see me open them as well instead of just coming home and missing most of the day. I got quite a few nice things from them like a small single person tea set, a japanese T-shirt, a samurai cloth, a japanese diorama and some buildable "Three Kingdoms" figures. Also a samurai pen! My friend gave me a gift on the 28th when we met. It is this cool lookin' sniper action figure 1:6 scale. I was thinking I could use him for some photography shoots on this site, maybe create stories around him or something. It's really cool.

从爸妈的礼物全天在桌子上不过当爸爸回家了我终于开礼物。我爸妈给我很好的东西!茶具,日本的衬衫,日本的布匹,日本的照片,日本的笔记, 也给我三国的玩具。我女朋友也给我礼物。很酷狙击手的玩具。我觉得可以对玩具拍照片然后写故事。非常酷。

I'm really tired now... I'll translate this into Chinese later.


How was your day?


-Jonah 2:34 am

翻译 translate
目标 goal
完成 to complete
商品 merchandise
部分 part
跆拳道 taekwondo
柔术/柔道 judo
空手道 karater
布匹 cloth (bupi)
茶具 tea set


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