I need to do better with these posts...

...because I previously had a post about what I did for a week but I never uploaded or finished writing it. So again there is a big blank space in my post history but I have been doing things!

 My dad and I played Skirmish Sangin! (Update coming soon). We played a couple of patrols to get us refreshed to the rules and we plan on playing some more small patrols like that pretty soon.

我和爸爸一起玩了“Skirmish Sangin”。(更博快来)我们玩了一些小时所以我们可以记得规则。我们打算快玩更多。

 My friend and I went traveling together again. This time to different districts in Shanghai. Of course we tried a lot of different kinds of food while we were wandering around practicing speaking English and Chinese.

 I don't remember all the different districts we went to. I think we went to 4-5 different districts but I'm not too sure. I remember that we went to Yangpu District and Hongkou District then returned to Jing'an District to eat at a restaurant.


I feel that I learned a lot during these trips as I took many notes in my phone and spoke a lot to my friend in Chinese. I still have trouble with certain things in Chinese but I'm improving!



We went to a few special or popular locations this time. We went to Tianai Street which is also called "Couple's Street" and is lined with poems from all around the world. If you look at the bricks on the street walls you can see hundreds of names written, carved and painted onto the brick. Most are from couples but some are people wanting money, happiness and other things.


 We also went to go see a movie. The movie was "Aquaman (2018)". I was surprised I liked it but it isn't the best movie. I think they used 3D really well in it as some movies use 3D too much while others don't use it at all. My friend said she liked the movie as well as she got to practice listening to English.


 Chinese movie theaters and American movie theaters are very different. First, the Chinese movie theater I went to was small but had 4 floors to it. We bought tickets on the second floor and went up to the fourth floor to watch the movie. Each floor you could buy your normal snacks like candy and popcorn. Usually American movie theaters are one or two big floors with the ticket booth and snacks right at the entrance. Also, in Chinese movie theaters you have to sit where the ticket says. In America you do choose where you sit.

 Even though I've been in China for almost a year I still like seeing the new differences. Trying to balance study, exercise and travel has been tough but I'm still trying! I still go to MMA class but I have not been going to the gym recently. At first it was because I injured my back while lifting weights, then my knee in MMA class, now I'm just letting my body recover. Seems I'm a bit fragile recently.

 As you see I'm trying something new with the blog. I'll try to have a Chinese and English version of the post in one so that I can practice my Chinese. This weekend I did learn a lot of new words and phrases while traveling and while writing this post.

恢复:to recover/to restore
苦荞茶:buckwheat tea (Very good!)
酸辣蕨根粉:A noodle type. Very good as well.
撞上:to bump into
天气预报:weather forecast/broadcast
学我:"learn from me"
卸妆水:makeup removal water
绳子: leash
油墩子:a type of fried food
冰糖葫芦:candied type of food
丢:to lose
坚持:to persist/ to insist
烤麸:type of food
夸奖:to compliment
 So what have all of you been doing?

"Life gives you a lot of things, figure out what to make out of all of it."

Music: BBno$, Rich Brian, Hopsin


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