5 days without a VPN (没有VPN五天)

China can be an interesting place at times but man its still China. This week I'm pretty sure the Chinese Government did another attack on ExpressVPN and though they tried their hardest it was kept down for 5 days. This meant I was cut off from a lot of my internet accounts and websites so I had to use the Chinese version. One good thing came out of this... I watched some good Chinese movies and was able to practice my listening.


Recently, I've been focusing on my Muay Thai and Kung Fu training since my time in China is coming to an end. We've been practicing many things in both and I'm now going to the Introduction Muay Thai class and the normal Muay Thai class. Every day I try to go to atleast one class but I'm slowly training myself to be able to do 2-3 classes a day.


I do have some plans for when I return to the United States. I know I'll be moving to Wisconsin and getting a job for a short amount of time. I've looked up what seems like a good gym that trains Judo, Muay Thai and Taekwondo so I'll be able to continue my Muay Thai training. While I train and work I plan on saving money to head back to China for another shot at going to a Kung Fu school. This time I've been looking at this school to study for a year.


At this school I not only learn martial arts but I can learn Mandarin, Ancient Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, and more. The physical training is about 6 hours a day for 5 days a week with the other classes being optional. To me it sounds like University but for Martial Artists... which sounds awesome!

Right now it seems my "life plan" is to continue studying various martial arts and getting certificates so that one day I could train others or be able to compete. After the Chinese Kung Fu school I plan on going to the military and try becoming a martial arts instructor there. That's another certificate! If I could get a black belt in at least one  martial art and certificates in others I feel confident my future dojo/gym would have enough credibility to train others.


There are some martial arts goals that I have:
-Learn Nunchaku from Karate
-Learn Staff or Spear from Kung Fu
-Learn Some grappling from Judo/Jujitsu
-Learn Sword from Tai Chi or Kung Fu


Those are my "weapon goals" but I also want to learn the unarmed methods of every martial art as they are fun to use together and its interesting, to me, to see how they are similar and different.
I know it seems silly but one of my motivations to keep training is the character from GI Joe called Snake Eyes. A silent martial arts and weapons master that is always in the right. A simple comic book character is one of my biggest motivations to keep training as even Snake Eyes knows he has weaknesses but is always able to overcome the challenges thrown against him. He's also just a cool ninja!


One thing that martial arts has opened me up to is being able to meet new people and always have a place to go while traveling to meet people who all have a common interest but every place I go I learn new things from all kinds of people.


How are you all doing? Are you guys preparing or going towards your goals in life?



"There will be many hurdles in life, just keep jumping past them"

No music this time but I had episodes of Game Grumps playing while I was writing this.




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