Family Events and Sore Muscles

This weekend was chock full of family interaction and, surprisingly, quite a bit of practice with kicking basics. Though, I did feel my right leg was sore from all the things that I had done throughout the week like work, intense stretching and the many drills I had completed. So on Sunday, I had taken training a little lighter than usual but on Tuesday training began as normal though I did have some difficulties doing basic kicks as my hips were very tight.

On another note, this weekend I worked on some ideas I've had for a while. One of them is changing the website's name and another is getting a "brand" started for my journey. So I've been using my, very little, graphic designs skills to put together some things for a custom training t-shirt made of that "athletic fabric".
约翰的探险 means "John's Adventure". Of course this is a reference to my website and the fact that I am a person named John who travels a lot. 约翰拳 means "John's Fist". This one is supposed to be like the family style of martial arts but since my last name doesn't translate well into Chinese I decided to use the translation of "Johnny"/"John" instead.

Then here is my idea for the T-Shirts and how it would look. I'm still not sure one what color(s) I'd buy and what design I'd choose as, to me, all of them look great but the majority of people I've asked have said the Black T and White Text or White T and Black Text look the coolest. We will see... I'd also like to get other T-shirt designs and hat designs made and maybe even small things like training notebooks or gym bags! Who knows, one day this could be my job.

As for non-training/normal life stuff, I've bought some training pants and Avatar: The Last Airbender complete series collection. I've also been going to some interviews for other jobs just to keep my eyes open for any better paying opportunities out there. I've also been redesigning the site slowly to fit the look that I want it to be, I have to study more programming if I want to make it 100% the way I want.



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