Other Kung Fu Styles and Fishing


This weekend I've tried to relax after a long week's work but I still keep trying to train even if it's just for a little bit of time. Along with me training part of a form I saw online and trying to train the basics, I've been doing more research on different Kung Fu styles and what they have to offer. Why? Let me try and explain...

Since I've started martial arts oh so long ago in my dad's training basement of Wisconsin I've continued to be interested and intrigued by various martial arts. My dad is the person who trained me in the basics of martial arts from kicks to punches and even a single form which is now long forgotten by me. What my dad taught me was a cumulation of what he learned and remembered throughout his life (which would have been LINE, Tsung soo do, Kung Fu, wrestling and his experience brawling). With me travelling around a lot it seemed that everyplace we went to my dad continued training me until highschool where I branched out and tried training at a Karate dojo that also taught Judo. I trained in this for two years learning many different things from each art. I'd go on to learn (for short amounts of time) Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. Each taught me great things:
  • Karate taught me to use speed and footwork to my advantage
  • Judo taught me grappling and throws but also proved how good technique can throw anyone
  • Taekwondo improved my kicks
  • Krav Maga taught me basic grappling and "to-win" mind set
  • Muay Thai gave me better health and taught me good defence and offense
So now with my interest in Kung Fu I'm looking at each art to see what they could possibly teach me. I know I'll never be a master or black belt at these styles but if I could at least get a good understanding of them and improve my own personal "style" then I think training them would be worth it. The real goal for me is to become proficient at sparring. I don't want to go professional but I'd like to leave sparring classes knowing I did okay or well, not like how I usually feel which is bad.

So what styles of Kung Fu am I looking at? Well, there are many different Kung Fu styles out there. I'd say the most popular styles are: Northern/Southern Praying Mantis, Shaolin, Taiji, Ba Gua Zhang, Hung Gar, and Wing Chun. But there are others out there as well like Xing Yi Quan, Mei Hua Quan, and BajiQuan. I think each style can help me improve myself in different ways, I just need to try them out!

Normal Life

The other things I've done this weekend are go fishing with the family (where I was the only one to catch a cat fish), watch the kids, watch The Hobbit, and look online at study tools and training gear. I haven't bought anything yet becuase, even though I'm in the first week of June, I am already off budget.

The reason for me looking at training gear is because all that I've read about solo training is that you should train with something at all times to improve yourself. Doing moves in the air won't help you but if you train your moves against a bag or sticks or something you'll be able to improve. I've also looked at other training gear besides punching bags like basic weight lifting sets, kicking pads, training bands for stretching etc etc. The things that I'm really close to making or buying are a training staff, makiwara board and some parallettes.

As far as study tools go I've been thinking of signing up for FluentU to help me continue study Chinese as I haven't studied for two weeks which is really bad. They have a summer discount going on and I think I want to try it out then write and review on it.

What did you guys do this weekend?



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