Flexibility Training and Enjoying Life

A nice fishing spot. 很好钓鱼的地方。


Another weekend of very little training where I focused on reviewing Taiji Quan and stretching. I recently have been doing "research" into what I need to do to improve my flexibility. Watching videos, like those by Fight Tips, on different stretches that can help. All that I've read has concluded up to:
  • Warm up before stretching
  • Stretch everyday
  • Stretch your lower body, back, and legs
I've also read that doing active stretches or active exercises that push your flexibility limits also help as well because you are not pushing muscles that are too tight with a less chance of injury.


As for studying I have been trying to study my Chinese some more by using FluentU and DuChinese. Though I am still seeing if I like FluentU I still enjoy using DuChinese and reading their stories in order to improve my vocab. Obviously, since I haven't been studying, I've forgotten a lot of things.

DuChinese Flashcards (Desktop Version)
Today's Review Words 今天复习的词:
  • 设备 equipment
  • 肯定 to be certain
  • 抖 to tremble/to shake
  • 表达 to express/ to convey
  • 荔枝 lichee (fruit)
  • 充 to satisfy/ to charge 
  • 蓝颜知己 a close (male) friend
  • 秋游 an autumn excursion
  • 窗 window shutter
  • 一见钟情 "Love at first sight" (idiom)


Really, all that has been going on in my life is me making small changes so that I enjoy myself more in what I do. I'm still focusing on preparing myself for the big 1-2 years of Kung Fu training but I am also watching and reading other things that interest me to keep myself happy. One thing I am doing that helps me stay motivated with training is watching a show called Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How have you guys been?



  1. Good afternoon again Jonah, I'm glad to see you're taking time to stop and smell the roses these days. Your level of dedication to your training is admirable, but as you've mentioned before being so focused can really make the days fly by. Life won't pass you by if you take your time with somethings, believe me, and I can see you're doing just that. What's your favorite bending style/martial art in A:TLA? I personally have always been fascinated with Earth bending (Hung Ga), especially because I really loved the stories and movies about Wong Fei Hung when I was growing up. I hope you're doing well, keep going!


  2. Hello AH,

    I'm glad to see you're still here even though I changed the site up a bit! I enjoy the style of fire bending (Shaolin) and water bending (Taiji) quite a lot due to the fact that they are opposites but I enjoy Zuko's storyline in A:TLA.

    Yes, I do try to focus on my various hobbies but I am trying to enjoy my time here so it doesn't fly by too quickly.

    Though I'm interested in Martial Arts, the martial arts culture of China is still new to me so I have heard about Wong Fei Hung, Yip Men, and Ji Qiang but I don't know much else. Do you have any Wong Fei Hung movie recommendations?

    Thanks again for coming back!



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