December 14th - Stretching

Shi Yan Xuan, a cool picture.

The splits are a very difficult goal for me. Reading more resources on the splits all say the same thing; warm up and then do the splits. This is the only way to get into the splits. Front and Side (or box) splits are a huge goal of mine and I really want to be able to do them. Since I can't go to the gym, my days are now going to be spent stretching. 

Looking online for stretching information really doesn't help though as I hear about people doing the splits in a month or even just seven days. It makes me wonder why after such a long time I can't get into the splits? It must be some sort of mental block within me as it is really hard for me. The splits might not be that useful for sparring/fighting but if you're able to control that range of motion with your hips then that is where the real benefit comes in. 

I just have to keep trying the splits and remember to breathe.


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