December 5th - Expanding

It feels good to write down my ideas.

The thing is, I have to act upon these ideas if I want to actually see something change. You see, revamping my website started out as an idea written as a TXT file. Now it is a reality and I'm glad I did it. Looking back into my TXT file I see I have many ideas for videos that could be made while I sit here in Shanghai but due to my laziness and unmotivated self I haven't made them. 

It's surprising how much of a roadblock you can be to yourself.

With my new site in place I plan on refining my other "web spaces" as well. Instagram. Youtube. I'm not expecting to make money off of these but having them look nice would make me feel more "proud" of my little side hobby. I still have a long ways to go on learning these various website building/video making/blog writing skills but I believe that I am getting better each time.

Master Bao asked me to edit together a video or two from the filming we did back at Maling. To be honest, we didn't film very well but I'll make do with what I was given.

Besides my overthinking brain,  the weekend has been very relaxing.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


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