December 3rd - Revamp

You might have noticed that I haven't been writing for a little while.

That is because I'm working on revamping my blog. I'm going to try out Wix for a year and see how it goes. Maybe, just maybe, if I have a more professional website then I'll get a more views or what not. This blog is really just a side project/hobby for me because it's fun to let my family and friends know what I'm doing. 

My eventual plan (if I like having the more professional Wix hub) is to put this blog under the "johnnys daily adventure" URL and then put the hub under "Johnny's Adventure" URL. At the moment I can only afford one URL for now so this has gone back to the ol' default url. If I continue using Wix to host my site then I'll finally be able to get a business email linked to Johnny's Adventure instead of using my personal email.

Another little side project that I want to work on is making my Youtube Channel more formal as well, so that when you're going through all of these different pages about me you can actually tell they are all me. I guess that is called building my brand.

I really haven't been up to much besides learning how to make some noodles and training some more. Also, a lot of over thinking. The thing nagging me lately has been figuring out a way to fund my adventurous plan while adventuring because one thing I've learned on this China Trip is you need money. I thought I had that all planned out originally but who would've guessed a pandemic to start?

Oh well, at least I'm still healthy and enjoying life. Been practicing my Qi Gong too.

Hope you're all having a good week.


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