10 Days Later


Its a mysterious world when you can go from perfectly healthy and working out one day to completely sick and tired the next. Basically what I'm saying is I'm sick today and kinda happy that I am too as I get a break from work. Fever, stuffy, headache, and a couple more symptoms are what plague me today. Anyways  I better summarize what I've been doing the past 10 days.

Nothing much.

I've still been going to work everyday putting in 10 hour days when I can but it has usually been 8 hour days. I went to visit my friends in Missouri last weekend, one in Colombia and another in Springfield. It was fun and I got to see what a college campus was like. Mizzou is huge but I don't know if I'd want to do that right now. The visit to Springfield was way more fun than the Colombia trip as we saw movies, played games, and just hanged out. We watched the old blade runner, the new blade runner and watched Full Metal Jacket. I also got a drawing tablet from my friend and I've been messing around with it and the program Krita. I'm not a good artist but I'm at least trying. I plan on making my own paper miniatures for Skirmish Sangin. I still have to print out all the reference sheets from that game. I've decided to have Office Max print out all those things instead of using my own printer as it is cheaper.

Game wise I haven't done much besides read the rule book some more and start reading Dispatches No. 1. I've decided to do a campaign style of game and am going to be making a rifle platoon of marines. Then drawing each character uniquely with a front and back side to them. I also want to create a base that my platoon will call "home". I have decided to buy the Malatinnii Rangers book with my next paycheck as when my dad returns I think we'll do some Somalia missions together.

Anyways I'm going to go to bed for the 3rd time today.

Just wanted to let you know i'm alive and kinda well.



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