Designing the Chinese Orbat


So after my first game of Skirmish Sangin I've been doing some research on the modern Chinese military known as the PLA. I've read some interesting things about them and since there are miniatures that I can use to represent them I think ill continue my work on this. Now I still am new to how Skirmish Sangin works but I will be able to lay out a framework from which the stats can be put in.

As all good research starts out I am using Wikipedia for my base information and then exploring the links that Wikipedia used to get their info.

From the PLAGF Wikipedia page I learned that the standard firearm of the modern Chinese soldier is the QBZ-95. A bull pup weapon of a very unique caliber. They then usually carry a side arm, some (in game terms) light armor, and only 2 communication devices per squad.

One squad, mechanized, contains 12 men in it. 6 riflemen, a MG gunner and crew man, and an RPG user. The dismounted squad includes 6 riflemen, 2 MGs with 2 crew and 2 RPGs. For the mechanized squads I have to figure out what kind of vehicle they are transported in but from the sounds of it it seems like a simple truck.

I found out the weapons of the special forces members is the QCW-05 which is an SMG not an Assault rifle. The QBU-88 is a marksmen rifle used by snipers and the MG that the Chinese use is the QJY-88.

Night vision and body armor for the Chinese PLA should be costly as it is rarely given to soldiers. Its seems as though china is modernizing its force that they still wish to use a superiority by numbers strategy than expensive training and equipment.

This fact I remember from a video I watched a while back, the Chinese military is poorly trained. Now the soldiers that make up the main force would be trained as average just like another us soldier because they are both career soldiers but china has the habit of hiring thousands of people, running then through basic training and then disbanding them or losing them. For the game this means in an all out war a large number of Chinese troops would probably be novice. Average would be saved for team leaders and lower officers while veteran would probably be for veteran troops and some special forces. Elite would be rare for the Chinese player.

Doing this would allow the Chinese player to field alot of troops but would also make morale a big issue for them when fighting.

That's all for now. I'll soon begin work on the pages and pictures for the PDF once all of my information is compiled together as this is just a start.



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