Starting 28mm Modern Part 5 - Some Purchases


Its been a couple days since the last post of mine but I've been making progress slowly and I've been working on my new job. I've finally purchased a ruleset and I did buy 4 sets of paper terrain from World Works Games. The ruleset I've purchased is not Spectre as originally planned but instead I've bought Skirmish Sangin and almost all of its expansions. Why Sangin over Spectre? Well the real reason is that it seems more indepth and has a focus on individual characters which I enjoy very much. Reading reviews on it and watching videos makes it seem like a simple game that doesn't require a lot of minis but it can as it has support for everything from infantry to vehicles to support like artillery and airstrikes. Meanwhile after reading Spectre reviews and videos it seems it is normal skirmish game focusing on the modern equipment and more "covert" operations like PMCs and Special Forces. Still neat and uses d6s. I might buy that ruleset later but for now Skirmish Sangin is where I'm going.

So what else did I buy? Well for the World Works Games purchases I bought Mayhem Services, Mayhem Streets, Mayhem Greystone, and Mayhem traffic. This will allow me to create some neat looking cities and towns on the boards that I'm working on. I did find Cardstock finally and bought some Tack Glue in order to clue these together. I'm happy with the results so far as I've built one building (still needs a roof). I bought some d10s for Skirmish Sangin and that's really all that I've bought. I'm thinking of printing off some paper minis once I get Skirmish Sangin to play with until I can afford miniatures as after this big week of spending I need to save a couple weeks worth of pay. I'll be using Junior General for that as I've used their paper minis a long time ago and they are good and free!

As far as painting goes I've been practicing one my Imperial guard and T'au different camo themes. So far I'm working on painting jungle tiger stripe, woodland camo and predator camo. I really want to get the predator camo down pat so that I can paint my US Marines with the "Spring Green" Predator Camo as I own a jacket with this camo and really enjoy it. I've also started on the Kroot again, painting the skin color of many of them. Its been fun and a nice break from working all the time and the gym. Other camos I want to paint are the "chocolate chip" desert camo and try my hand at some digi camos like MARPAT.

Since I bought almost all the rule books for Skirmish Sangin I'll have a lot of reading to do throughout the week which might delay me further. I also have to finish "Dagger 22" still but that has been a really fun read. If I really want to use miniatures for my first game of Skirmish Sangin I think I'll use my Imperial guard as whatever I choose. As slow as my progress has been it has given me something to think about at work. Hopefully I'll actually get all my miniatures painted but who knows.

Really I have no new purchase plans. I want to buy miniatures but I don't need to so I'm going to wait. After this post I'm going to print off some paper minis and more terrain but the only thing I'll need to buy for the paper minis is those small plastic discs to glue them on which won't be that expensive as I can get them from Combat Storm for cheap. (I think $5 for 100). I hope your hobby is going well.



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