Has it been a week?


Man I cannot believe its been a week since I last posted to this. Man time flies when you only work and sleep. Well I'm still waiting on my copies of Skirmish Sangin to come in. Apparently it was delayed by one day. I was going to post a first impressions on the books but that will not happen today. Instead I guess I'll talk about some recent purchases I've made.


Well I bought a 200 dollar BB gun. The SIG SAUER MPX AIRGUN. It is very fun to shoot and feels and looks so real! I will be having a blast working with this and maybe even taking it on some camping trips too.

I've also bought some more balsa wood to make another section for my terrain board. I've come up with a plan to make some simple hills and a river but that'll have to wait until I've made all the boards. I'm thinking I need about 3-6 boards. 3 for a nice linear small game and 6 for a normal 2'x4' board. Usually for Skirmish Sangin you play on a 4'x4' board but a board half the size will have to do as I'm limited to space.

I've bought another book since I finished Dagger 22. Its called The Only Thing Worth Dying For and its by Eric Blehm. Dagger 22 was good but I will admit some parts were confusing and some were written bland. Where I zipped through Zero Footprint in a week this one took about 2 weeks to finish as it didn't have me as intrigued as I thought. I'm trying to read about all different kinds and parts of the military so that when I go into Skirmish Sangin I can get a better feel of how a military functions.

My smallest purchase was a set of black and white Chessex d10s for about 10 bucks because of shipping. They are nice and clean dice. Can't wait to use them.


Hobby wise nothing really has happened. I've been playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Call to Arms alot recently to get quick games in after work and the gym. I'm also recording these so that I can edit them into an RP series for the video game group i'm in. But as far as painting and crafting goes? Nadda. I'm thinking of printing out the Mayhem paper terrain through a printing service so that I don't have to keep buying ink. That way I can say, "Print 5 of these houses, 2 of these cars, and 5 of these misc pieces", then boom. 20-30 bucks later I have nice quality cardstock images printed. I will probably print out soldiers at home since those are easy to do.


As for other things going on I'm heading to Missouri this weekend to visit friends and then next week heading to Wisconsin to visit family then its off to Halloween to dress up as... something. I don't know what. Work has been a pain as they have been really long days with not much enjoyment. I also keep sleeping in so I don't have any lunches when I go there. I've been losing motivation to go to the gym just out of fatigue but I know if I don't go then my relative that goes with me won't go either and I have to motivate them to keep going.

And really thats all I've been doing is playing games and sleeping after work. Maybe these new books will motivate me to jump into the project again of making paper minis. I have thought of an idea to make the paper cars more sturdy but we will test that out later.

Hope you all are doing well,



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