April 11th - Haggling for Scooters

Some Cool Street Signs

Evening Thoughts 🚲

Today started out just like any other Saturday. I woke up at 6 am, got cleaned up, organized my stuff, did laundry, ate breakfast and then talked to my family. But, today was a little different as the other guys wanted to buy some scooters/bikes to start their "Maling Mountain Motorcycle Gang" so they wanted me to translate for them. So, I went to go help them which started a very interesting and fun day.

Vegetable, Meat, and Seasoning Market

Getting to 王庄...

...wasn't that bad considering it was my first time driving a small Tuktuk in China, as a matter of fact it was my first time driving in China. Luckily we made it safely to the town with only one small hiccup when the Tuktuk shorted out on us. It was certainly interesting driving again as it was something I haven't done in quite a while and luckily it wasn't that hard because the roads didn't have that many folks on it. Driving something as small as a Tuktuk along side cars and trucks is a weird feeling though. It feels like I'm not supposed to be on the road. If that makes sense.

一香美食 - Nice Restaurant in Wang Zhuang

When we got to Wang Zhuang we parked near the bank, met up with the others, got some money out of the ATM (which finally works), and began our little adventure! Starting, of course, with some food from the little restaurant that we always go to... I just realized I don't know what the restaurant is called. I had to try something new so I bought 鸭腿盖浇饭 which is duck meat and veggies on top of white rice. Not going to lie, it was a pretty good meal to start the day with along with the various dumplings that JD and Philip bought. Later on throughout the adventure I ate dried moon cakes (月饼干), small hot sticks (小辣棒), and soft fried dough twist (软麻花) as snacks but... we were feeling really adventurous after buying the scooters* and decided to walk into a restaurant called "一香美食" and man it was good.

Government Building in Wang Zhuang

First off, we all wanted to eat some food but didn't want to go to the same ol' place so we just walked into a random place. Next to this random place was a milk tea shop and, to Josh and I, milk tea sounded good with lunch. I ended up buying "熊猫奶盖" which is "Panda's Milk Drink" and Josh got a normal milk tea with bobas. After the long wait for my drink we entered the restaurant... which was connected to the milk tea shop. Turns out we could've bought the milk tea in the restaurant... which was funny as our waitress was the girl that served us the milk tea. One problem was that the menu had no pictures and no English so JD just got what I was ordering (炒锅土豆粉) and Josh trusted me to choose for him (炒锅米线) while Philip ordered a burger and Matt used Google Translate to translate some of the menu. (红烧牛肉面) Needless to say, everything we ordered was delicious. The place was clean and actually nice looking. It was nice.

Edge of Wang Zhuang

*Buying the Scooters...

After eating our first meal we headed off towards our main goal of the day, to try and buy the scooters from 金箭速派奇 (yes, that is actually the store's name). When we entered the shop the lady immediately grabbed her husband to help out with the selling because she recognized us from previous trips. This is when my challenge began as I had to translate for the guys with the man and... his accent was difficult to understand.

Maybe I should learn Scorpion Form
In the end though, we were able to get 4 black "mid tier" scooters that were coming from somewhere all in the same day for 元7,600 (about $1,080). The guys were pretty hyped but we had to wait until the afternoon to get the bikes as they were being shipped in from somewhere nearby, maybe Xinyi (新沂市), so we were told he would give me a call when the bikes arrived. This just led us to explore a lot of Wang Zhuang and really just hang out.

Streets of Wang Zhuang

Winding Down 💤

As usual I spent the evening just winding down and thinking about what I'd be doing tomorrow. The others watched a movie while I spent an hour focusing on stretching for the side splits. I think I'm making more and more progress but I'm not sure.

Weird Abandoned Construction Site
Overall, Saturday turned out to be a blast and I feel that my Chinese was really tested. Easter Sunday will be focused on training and review.

How was your guys' weekend?

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