April 1st - Kung Fool

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Evening Thoughts 💤 晚上思考

So many aches and pains that I feel everyday while here. This week has been a battle with my right foot as I think during a run or during Sanda (散打) class I hurt my toe or "toe knuckle". I'm still not sure but it is getting worse as the week goes on so today I skipped the afternoon running and afternoon Sanda class. BUT, today has been Broadsword day for me as I learned a new move and Master Yan corrected me on every single move I learned previously. Very motivating. I feel I'm getting better and better each day but learning to use the sword with my left hand has been such a tough process, at least I have a lot of time before I have to use two swords.

These just looked nice today

I did think of an idea; stick with learning the broadsword for the whole year that I'm here so that I really can "master" or "grasp" one aspect of Kung Fu. There are many forms and styles of the broadsword so I'd definitely have plenty to study, especially if I went to two swords. This idea is cool but it also doesn't let me experience other weapons like the awesome looking Monk Spade (月牙铲/方便铲)! My mind still focuses on that weapon for some reason as it just seems so different. Part tool, part tool, 100% cool.

I found I enjoy taking these pictures

With it being April Fool's Day some students have done some pranks on each other. Hiding things, putting 20 fans in someone's room, putting the punching dummy in front of people's doors, and toothpaste cookies were a few of them. Luckily, they've left me alone but that's probably because I've been in my room most of the day. Training, Study, Eating, and Repeat. That has been today, but I did fall asleep for a lil' bit during Sanda Class... that was nice.

Just trying to go with the smaller ups and downs of life while here.

Halfway through the week? Anyone have any plans?

你全身心的投入武术  -彭二郎


  1. Life here is pretty boring at times since we are having to stay at home so not much will be happening this weekend. We may see about taking a drive and going for a walk somewhere to get grandma out of the house. She's been stuck here for 3 weeks with only once outing that we took - which was a walk down on the path next to the river. I have gotten her out a couple of times this week in the backyard thanks to the beautiful weather we've had this week. Make sure you didn't break that toe! Not much you can do about it but keep pressure off of it until it heals. Sounds like other than that you are having a good time and enjoying life there. We look forward to your call every week. Amelia said she fell asleep and missed last weeks and wasn't happy about that so hopefully you get to talk to her this week. We love and miss ya - stay healthy! Love - Mom


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