April 24th - Friday... just Friday

Friday Slowly Ending

Friday Feeling πŸ’

I'm getting closer and closer to "completing" my study of the Basics promised here. I've learned Tong Bei, Five Step, Lian Huan Quan (kinda), Shaolin Plum Blossom Single Broadsword, and now I'm learning the beginnings of the staff form. Ever since the meeting that the students and masters had on April 3rd I've been thinking about what I want my "training plan" to be. I could just continue with whatever they want me to learn (which I think would be ι‡‘εˆšζ‹³ also known as Buddha's Guardian Boxing) or I could ask to learn some skills that I've heard about like 18 Luohan Hands, Monk Spade, Da Hong Quan, and Xiao Hong Quan.

I'm interested in learning these forms because I've heard about them and they are traditional forms which means they have history, meaning, and applications behind all of the movements. That is what is important to me, not only knowing the moves, but also knowing why this form exists. What situation were the ancient masters in that led them to create this form? What are the names of these movements? Why do the moves have these names? It makes me appreciate what I learn more and its why I enjoy Tong Bei Quan (ι€šθƒŒζ‹³) so much.

First Blooms of the future Garden

I've also noticed that the website for Maling Kung Fu School has changed a little bit and now... I look at the website and laugh to myself thinking about how getting a Monk Uniform and free Weapons is what made me come here. I also look with disdain at what they promise teaching because its true but not completely. Mandarin Classes? None. Friday Culture Classes? None. They don't even have Xing Yi Quan listed and I haven't seen anyone practice Wing Chun in a while. Oh well, that is life. You get duped then learn from it. My time here is still enjoyable and I'm learning a lot.

More Bright White Blooms

Training πŸ‘Š

Training was mentally challenging, especially Power Stretching where Master Peng stretched me. I've never felt that angry before and apparently I fought them as they stretched my legs because after they told everyone that, "...even though power stretching is hard you have to try and relax. Do not become crazy because this will cause it to hurt more." A bit embarrassing but I guess its good to know I have enough fight in me that two masters and a student had to hold me down. You have to go through pain in order to be flexible and today I went through a lot of it.

As I hinted at earlier, Josh, Matt and I started learning the first staff form under Master Peng. It seems very basic at the beginning but I have a feeling it is going to get harder and harder. The staff isn't called the "Chief of Weapons" for nothing. Even though I am learning a new weapon, I'm still dedicating time to the broadsword so that I can become faster, more powerful, and fluid.

Some beautiful flowers

End of the Night πŸ›Œ

As I wind down from this whole week of challenges, training, sweat, tears, and sore muscles... I think about tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to Cao Liu Village and restock on supplies tomorrow afternoon. I know I'll talk to my family to see how they are doing. I'm sure the other students will have their own plans. Of course my weekend will include training and tons of stretching so that I'll be a little bit more prepared for next week's power stretching. Who knows what will happen? I'm sure it will be fun.

How has everyone's week been? Are you ready for the weekend?

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