April 27th - Laziness

摔棍 - Falling Staff Attack

Today's Adventure πŸ“Ώ

Life here is interesting. One week can be super difficult every single moment while other weeks start off nice and end off nice while some weeks you don't know what to expect. This week is starting out nice but I am not sure what to expect. I'm focusing more on training extra this week (even though my body is hating me for it).  Whether I'm spinning the staff in the mornings, working on my sword form during our breaks or stretching in the evening; I'm trying to do a little bit extra which leads me to a little talk Master Peng had with us during Basics Class.

We worked on our splits in the beginning of the class, then we slowly began to work on our basic kicks. (Front Kick, Inside/Outside Kick, and Side Kick) Once we drilled through these kicks for what felt like a long time, Master Peng had us sit and relax as he talked to us about laziness. He said some of us the past few Basics Class haven't been putting the most effort in. Master Peng compared it to buying a product at full price but wanting only part of it, we paid for the training but if we don't put in the effort then we won't get the most out of our money because all the masters can do is tell/teach us what to do but it is up to us to do what they say.

A Nice Dinner of Veggies, 烧ι₯Ό (Bread), and Hot Water

Forms Class wasn't bad, I reviewed my sword form and then Master Peng taught Josh, Matt and I some more moves of the Staff Form. (Now I know its called "ε°‘ζž—ι˜΄ζ‰‹ζ£") I enjoy the staff, its a basic weapon and all the moves you do are really cool but I remember I had this same feeling with the sword and now my motivation to learn the sword has lessened. I've gotta find a way to keep the motivation for learning a weapon as I feel there is more than a single form or these few moves that we are taught with each weapon.I think I'll see if I can learn other moves/forms with the broadsword or staff (depending on what I like more) in the future as I've heard from other students I still have one more basic hand form to learn... Buddha's Guardian Fist (ι‡‘εˆšζ‹³). Which I've mentioned previously.

Sanda Class wasn't too bad either and I think I could even say that my kicks are getting a little bit better (although my high kicks are not very high). Master Yan is having all of us go through the basics and he actually has a teaching plan for the whole week which is awesome. I enjoy Sanda Class a lot more now that we are working on basics. Class is still hard though and since my partner is usually Raja, the Indian bodyguard guy,  my arms or legs are always bruised. I still suck at Sanda though.

Monday was pretty good for me. What about you?

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