April 20th - Monday Staff Training


Morning Thoughts 📿

"To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness."

-Ecclesiastes 2:26

This morning my devotional had a relatable thought. It talked about doing what you want to do for happiness while not getting sucked into doing what everyone else is doing. This kind of thought went through my mind yesterday as I spent my evening watching Battle Royal with some other students but in my mind I thought, "I should be training". I was already there, the movie had started, and there were many of us so I stayed and watched a good movie. As I laid down to sleep the thought was still there and I realized that I made so much progress in two and a half months because of how much time I spent training on my own. My phone has even shown my usage has spiked last week. All of this showed that I've lost a bit of focus so hopefully, this week, I can regain that focus I had when I got here.

I just have to find my balance as previously I did hurt my knee which may have been from over training (still not sure how it happened). A positive with not training as much has been me writing more on this blog and studying more Chinese. What happens during the free time here is always different so its a bit hard to schedule what I will do.

The point of this rambling is finding that perfect balance or perfect schedule is hard but we shouldn't give up when we stray away from it. We should simply acknowledge that we've strayed away and try to fix it.

Evening Thoughts 🥋

I started learning the Staff, which seems cool but I don't feel like I deserve to be learning the staff just yet because during forms Master Yan, who finally came back from his wedding/honeymoon, looked at my broadsword form and told me so many things that needed to be fixed. My speed, connecting my moves together, I did some moves wrong and more. I'm no where near done learning this form but they gave me a staff and taught me some basic strikes and "flowers" with it so now it is what I'm learning.

Today's classes were all very good; basics, forms and Sanda class plus practicing on my own. Though, today also made me realize how much I have to still practice and learn before I'm really ready to move on to the next thing. Doing kick combinations in Basics Class made me realize my kicks need work and my stances need work. Sanda, my stance and attacks are all wrong as they have speed but no power. Forms... well just reread the previous paragraph above.

Some good did happen though, Josh and Matt discovered a place with really good popcorn chicken and my new shoes/shirts finally arrived... and they all fit! I'm super happy about this as one thing I'm mad about is me not having my Kung Fu gloves here as simple things like shoes that I like, gloves that I like, weapons that I like and more motivate me to keep going when training gets particularly difficult. Remembering that Master Yan gave me his training sword is what makes me push through to master the sword and now seeing my shoes during training always puts a smile on my face.

Its dumb but it helps.

How is your Monday going? Learn anything new?

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  1. Our Monday was ok no big news to share. Dad helped grandma start her garden over the weekend which she was happy to see. We did plant two apple trees for the deer can't wait to see those take off. Dad and I are also going to put in some berry & rose bushes as well. He did get me my asparagus, onion, and some herbs started as well. The weather has dropped again here so it's bee a bit chilly. I love being outside when it warms up a bit. My favorite place is on the hammock dad put up - it's huge! I'll send a pic later he had to tie it to two trees or I was sitting on the ground. :D Things are slowly starting to open up here in the states but it's gonna take some time. I hate to take grandma back to Illinois with all the cases they have there as we do not want her catching this virus. It will probably be a quick in and out as there isn't anything there for her. Keep writing as I enjoy seeing these and how you are doing. Love Mom.

    1. Its good to hear that things are getting back to normal, though very slowly. Seems like you'll have a lot of gardening to do once spring/summer arrives there. Be careful on the trip to Illinois.

      Glad you enjoy reading this!


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