November 10th - Twelve Days In Shanghai

 Man, it feels weird that I've been here twelve days. Almost two whole weeks and I haven't trained in so long. Though, I've made some steps to get back into the training routine. I joined a 24/7 gym so that I always have somewhere to go to train. In two weeks I've done so much but also have done very little.

I've met up with JD (from minimal ambitions) a few times and explored Shanghai all while learning about how the others from Maling are doing. As always, we ate some good food like burgers from Charlie's and Shanghai street food. JD will be heading to Spain at the end of the month to continue his own adventure. 

A big thing that I've been fighting against is procrastination of what I built up during my time at the Kung Fu School. My blog, my Instagram and my Youtube. I did watch all of Samurai Champloo while writing some scripts for a Youtube video but my actual progress on editing videos has been... nothing. I've been procrastinating on lots of things.

During these twelve days I've even contacted a few Kung Fu schools to see if I could continue my Kung Fu journey after the winter. The schools that I've contacted are Yuntai, Qufu, and Kunming but the replies are not the best. Kunming are not accepting students, Qufu and Yuntai have students but their optional classes are not there anymore. Maybe going home and saving money is the best option.

Goals I have for while I'm here: study Daoism/Buddhism some more, keep working out, learn how to play Go, and keep up my Kung Fu training.

Hope you're having a good week.


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