November 11th - Training has begun...

A Neat Pose, Low Stance

Waking up this morning made me realize how fast the Kung Fu School is becoming a memory. Laying in bed I remembered how my morning was at the school. Waking up at 5 or 6 after sleeping in a 10 year old stiff bed. Preparing tea and breakfast after washing clothes. Then, train. Now, I wake up at 7 or 8, eat some breakfast and... not do much. Kind of in a "limbo".

Yesterday was my first day at the gym. It's not a bad gym either, a small 24/7 gym with a treadmill floor, weight lifting floor and two separate rooms for classes and yoga. The only thing I didn't like about it was there wasn't a shower room and the weights were all over the place. Did a basic upper body workout that I read about on A Workout Routine. To be honest, I didn't feel like I "worked out" after what I did. Maybe I did too light of weights.  Didn't sweat, no sore muscles, no tired muscles. It did feel good to get out of the apartment and do something. Today is going to be Lower Body workout day as I plan on lifting weights 5 days a week with two days rest while fitting Kung Fu practice in everyday. 

I've realized that my body has already started to forget some forms while my mind has not. I stuttered on remembering to really basic forms and even had to review Tong Bei Quan, which was my favorite form while in the Kung Fu School. To fit training into my schedule, I've got to break this procrastination routine I've gotten myself in and treat it like I'm at the school training. By 8:30/9:00 I should be training something like Kung Fu or Qi Gong and then eat lunch. After lunch should be some power training ending with some power stretching.

I'm trying to adapt while not losing what I've learned along the way.

A new way of living


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