November 2nd - In Shanghai Again

 My Kung Fu Journey is over for the time being but now I'm starting my time living in Shanghai for a little bit. I arrived here on the 30th early in the morning. During the taxi drive all I could think of was, "I've been here so many times now. Never did I think I'd become familiar with Shanghai China". Needless to say, my mind has started to think too much again.

The past few days with my girlfriend have been fun. We've mostly been eating lots of food like White Castle and food that we've made on our own. I'm trying to learn how to make some Chinese food while in Shanghai so we've made 酸辣粉,面条,炒饭,and 土豆丝. I've also spent a couple days watching her train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Seeing her practice BJJ makes me want to pursue my idea of going to Absolute MMA or Tiger Muay Thai more. Each master told me that "complete" Kung Fu has to be practiced in fighting and sparring but now very few people do that. I feel that practicing these combat sports would help complete my martial arts more. But, I want to focus on Kung Fu as it has been the most fun martial art that I've done.

Some of the only Halloween decorations I found

Besides eating and relaxing, there hasn't been much else to my few days in Shanghai. I'm hoping to find a park that I can train at. Master Bao and Master Tang told me to not lose my skills and keep training so that I can get better. 

And I want to get better.

Hope you had a good Halloween!

A bit late on the Halloween posts


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