Back to my normal routine...

Cha Quan
Well, I'm still doing okay with my "schedule" or routine. Today I've eaten breakfast and trained very little but I need to head to the store in the morning today which has thrown me off a little bit. I'd like to run, write and study so I'm trying to cram all that in before I head to the store at 1:00 pm today.

My training so far has included 50 pullups and practicing basic Kung Fu exercises. Took me about 20 minutes to do all of this but I realized I need to stretch more often and I really do need to keep a good workout regime going. So today, after I write this, I will go for a run. I ran 4.6 miles in 31 minutes! Hai-ya!

I haven't been sleeping well recently, I don't know if its the bed or my mind that is causing this. I hope its just my mind but I guess I'll know in the next couple of days.

Pull Ups
I've been thinking about things at work a lot and one of them is that maybe I should try and stay at the Kung Fu school longer. Yea, that's write, you read correctly... longer. I really want to, one day, open up my own martial arts school. It won't be tailored to a specific style but I want it to be a combination of Kung Fu, MCMAP, Karate, Judo etc. I know I won't be able to teach all of it by myself but it would be fun, hopefully. I really want to stick to this plan I have in my head at the moment; that plan being:

"Go to China and study Kung Fu for a year(+) then return with my certificate(s) and join the military to learn some military skills while trying to get a MCMAP black belt (this will take 4-6 years). After the military I want to, with the money I saved during the military, either go to college or to Japan/China to continue my martial arts training. If I go to college I will study Karate (Preferably Shorinji-ryu or Kyokushin) in hopes of reaching black belt whilst I'm in college. Of course, in college I would have a side job to continue saving money for my future school..."

And that is how my current plan is laid out. There still are a lot of uncertainties like how long every goal will take, when I will open my school, and smaller details like that but I don't worry about the "destination", I'm more focused on the journey and I'm more than happy enough to write about my journey so maybe one day another person can learn from what I've done.
I mean, looking now it doesn't seem like I'll be in China or even be opening a school in the future as right now I'm living with family, working in a factory, and saving little money due to food and other costs but my dream and my mind are still there, focused on this goal. Writing this blog that no one reads really helps my mind especially since it does seem so far away.

That is what I've been thinking about, what about you?


"Look at your goals as if they were a mountain, enjoy the journey but keep climbing."

You'll never guess what I listened to...


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