Getting Back into the Habit...


I've been down in the dumps for the past couple weeks or so and I really haven't done much war gaming or hobby wise. So I've decided to actually save some money and make some money selling miniatures I no longer need. Hehe... we will see how well that goes. I've recently purchased two books, MARINES an illistrated history, and Zero Footprint. Both have been great reads so far but they have really inspired me to buy more books about the recent wars. Of course as I read these books I'm thinking in the back of my mind about wargaming and Spectre Miniatures seems like the perfect place to start if I want some good modern combat action. Their starter sets run around 60-70 dollars but it includes two teams and the rule book which is nice for the detail of miniatures you are getting but as I've been reading some battle reports from this guy and it seems fun but I need quite a bit to get started.

First off as always you need miniatures to do battle with. That is where the starter set comes in, and I need rules, again... the starter set. But for convenience of play I also need the tokens to keep track of all the statuses in the game like pinned and wounded and such. Okay, how about some terrain? That I have an idea for, PRINTED TERRAIN! Not 3D printed but paper printer printed. I could take the tones of free 28mm PDF terrains and get them printed in a more durable material like cardstock or plasticard at a printing place and then build the terrain out of that. My experience with paper terrain has been good so I think that would be a great choice. Okay great, you have minis, terrain and tokens all at the easy price of around 100 buckaroos. Not bad to get started with but wait what are we missing? Oh yea, other players.

This has been hard for me as I do enjoy solo playing games, which I'll probably end up playing Spectre solo also, but when you have an exciting moment in the game you cheer (atleast I do) and look around but its just you who is excited. Thats why I've started this blog, so I can share the cool moments with you guys. I really enjoy creating the GRUNT play sessions as well as they eat up time and let my creativity run wild all while playing a game where I don't TOTALLY have the control over. Now that I'm digging myself out of this rut I think you'll see more content coming to this site.

Now back to Spectre "budgeting". As always I love to plan out what I want to buy and then paint half of it and forget about the rest. (Hehehe... a little tease at myself as the unpainted T'au stare at me) But honestly I've narrowed the starter sets down to 3 choices... well now that I think of it more so 2 and I'll explain why. There are many starter sets with different types of "good" and "bad" guys. Personally I think the ALFA, CHARLIE and DELTA starter sets are the best looking figure wise. Of course I think I would try and control myself to buying just the starter set, painting those, playing some games, and then expanding my collection.

From what I've read it seems that Empress miniatures and a couple other companies miniatures work well with the Spectre game system and miniatures. I don't really know as most of what I write and think about is just that, a thought, but I emailed them while at work asking various questions to make sure the store is still active as from what I've seen there isn't much activity or restocking going on in the store which makes me a bit nervous. Now, one thing I want to do before I start this project is research it a bit as, even though I'm living in this time period of conflict, I have no clue what military life is like nor what PMC life would be like. I don't know how missions get organized, what happens on the off time, and such like that. Thats why I'm reading those books and I'm going to pick up a few more once I've read these two.

My idea was to buy a starter set and create a "Private Military Company" that would be deployed around the world on missions. As the company makes money in other ways (me working at the factory) the men will have to do with what they have at the time until the company gets bigger. My idea was that for every element of allied soldiers I buy for the company I'd buy 2 elements of various enemies. This would always keep the battle in favor of the enemy and possibly make for some pretty cool battles. I don't really know if that'll happen but I have hopes.

Okay lets do what I found to be fun and figure out the price of "starting" Spectre:
Starter Set $70 - 2 Teams and the Rules... NICE
Terrain $70 - This would be buying 1 of all the terrain on the site... of course thats needed :)
Tokens $44 - This would be buying all of the tokens needed... now this seems a bit off but its just an estimate. I think it would come out cheaper.
Objective Minis $30 - This is for those cool looking Objective miniatures... as usual its needed
Then throw in some Vehicles $90 - Hopefully would get 3?

Now the total is... around $300 dollars. An entire paycheck.
But to be serious $70 for a starter set is nothing compared to other games where the rule book itself is 60 dollars (*cough* warhammer *cough*) but to come with two teams of minis with it? Awesome. I hope they email me back as my next paycheck might go to this starter set and printing off some paper terrain. And in all seriousness I think I would spend the $44 for the tokens as from what I've read, they are needed to make the game flow faster.

That is what I've been pondering at work. I've almost got my "promotion" so that would help me get into some hobbies more. I've looked for a local game place to see if I could play this game with others or even have some one help me paint but no luck at finding an actual hobby store that isn't hobby town or hobby lobby. Guess music will just have to do for now.

During my down time I was playing video games with my gaming group but now that my phone company has slowed down my hotspot I can't really play many games (can barely load a webpage). Guess its back to the old paint brush and minis. Maybe this weekend I could get in a game of 40k with my T'au army or read a book... or buy some minis. You never know what will happen on pay day!

Oh, I'm also still going to the gym Mon-Fri and some times on Saturday but not on Sunday. Full body weights for strength training and then 20-30 mins of running, then some ab work outs. Not that bad after work as it settles your mind and helps me "transfer" to going back "home" even though I still dislike coming home from work. I'd rather be out making money than back here. Oh well, atleast I'm motivated to work unlike my painting habits. *Stares at the T'au still unpainted* You probably will see more GRUNT posts coming soon as that is an easy game to set up and run with, even with all the constant interruptions that you guys never see. I was getting close to my characters and was wondering who would make it through that mission.

Anyways, comment below on how your days have been and what projects you wish to do!



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