Its Been A While


Wow it has been a while, 7 whole days! So what have I been doing since then? Working in the factory as usual but that still has been nice and fun to do even though I've noticed some people have gotten moved or have left. I also bought "Grunt: Role Playing in Vietnam" and I'm going to play a test mission today that I've made with some random rolls from the very rip off "Rebels Unleashed" pdf I bought off a website. Oh well, it was only 2 bucks so that isn't too bad. I've also started to go to the gym with my relatives to motivate them and its fun. I went once on Friday and today I went twice. Needless to say I'm going to be sore when I wake up. :) I've also decided to sell my Imperial Guard army once they are assembled, I'm going to throw together the Index 2 with it since I won't need it. I bought some 1/72 80's Modern US Infantry to have fun with and some #10 washers to base them. I miss my longer hours of work as I was only paid $288 bucks instead of my 300+ that I'd get with the longer hours so I've spent almost all of it already on music, food and the gym supplies. Oh well, theres always next week. Anyways I've gotten offered to apply for another position at my work that pays 12.50 an hour which is awesome but the guy that offered me never sent me the link so I'm going to look for it on my own. Its a forklift driver. Man alot and not much has happened. I also bought a video game called "Rainbow Six: Siege" and played with my gaming group. That was fun since it had been such a long time. I got a new monitor that actually works with my computer and I got a new phone. I got alot of things this week. :) How has your week been?

So now on to this 'Nam mission. Let me introduce the characters:

Staff Sergeant Williams, Xavior
Age 18, Black "African American"
North East Coast, New Jersey
Role: Squad Leader
"After following his urge to join the military by taking many ROTC courses throughout his high school career he began his official military career with an accelerated rank. After advancing throughout the ranks while still stationed at home he enjoyed his 'easy' time in the service. Soon he was finally sent to 'Nam as a promising member to lead a squad. Now, S.Sgt Williams sees his chance to prove himself and becoming a note worthy soldier throughout history."

Sergeant Peters, Ismael
Age 21, Black "African American"
New England, Maine
Role: Team Leader
"Forced to take ROTC classes in high school as disciplinary action made this man hate military work early in his life and yet at the age of 21 while celebrating his birth day he recieved the letter that he was drafted towards 'Nam. Upon arriving at boot camp he was given the rank of Corporal due to his ROTC work and after his training, plus some specialized training, he was given the rank of Sergeant then sent to 'Nam. His only wish is to come out of the military with a decorated resume and various achievements for his life in the 'world'"

Private First Class Cain, Scott
Age 19, White "Caucasian"
Role: Scout
"Drafted to the military, PFC Cain was known to be depressed all throughout boot camp but somehow he managed to make it through the tests proving he was competent though carried a very pessimistic view throughout his time. His only thought is that he wishes to be home and out of a violent style of life."

Private First Class Case, Cedric
Age 20, White "Caucasian"
Midwest, Illinois
Role: Scout
"PFC Case managed to make it through boot camp after being drafted.  Being a loner and recluse most of his early life kept him from various experiences leaving him with little common sense but his keen senses have made him a wonderful scout and point man."

Specialist Davenport, Garrett
Age 23, White "Caucasian"
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Role: Grenadier
"SPC Davenport has shown a keen sense of being gifted and well liked throughout his time in boot camp and his short time living in the base. He shows exceptional skill with the Thumper and great skill at repairing vehicles. Talks little about his life at home in Colorado but many will agree that he is a guy many want to be around. Drafted."

Specialist Crane, Jabari
Age 18, Asian
North East Coast, Massachusetts
Role: Grenadier
"SPC Crane grew up in Massachusetts attending a Catholic school which made him become very reliant on religion throughout his life. Willing to share his beliefs to anyone, he has been proclaimed by many to be the 'unofficial' chaplain of the unit. Though his main weapon of choice is the grenade launcher he has experience with some heavy weapons like mortars and recoiless rifles as well. Volunteered."

Specialist Bowen, Ismael
Age 22, White "Caucasian"
Role: Machine Gunner
"SPC Bowen grew up with a military family but once he graduated college he avoided trying to serve but was brought into the service through the draft. Being unable to escape he went through boot camp and was assigned to be a M60 gunner with his above average strength. Rumors spread around about SPC Bowen's time in boot camp of him panicing during various drills but no one confirms these rumors."

Specialist Jarvis, Brandon
Age 22, White "Caucasian"
North East Coast, New York
Role: Machine Gunner
"SPC Jarvis grew up in the mean streets of New York with a poor family. After high school he joined the military as soon as possible to get out of the poverty he knew. Proving to be a very big and strong guy he was assigned to carry the M60. Towering over most, he has survived one tour already and is just starting his second tour. Many people trust him with their life."

Specialist Hogan, Emanuel
Age 23, White "Caucasian"
Role: Medic
"SPC Hogan is married with kids but was pulled from his nice middle class living and factory job to serve his country. Being older than most in his unit, he entertains many with his tales of home and of his wife and kids. Hogan is a large guy that many watch out for to make sure he gets home as he starts his new tour in 'Nam."

Specialist Santiago, Pheonix
Age 18, Hispanic
Role: Radio Telephone Operator
"SPC Santiago was your typical Texan, growing up on a ranch and playing football for his high school made him very competitive. Being proud of his country he turned down a football scholarship to serve in the military. His muchacho attitude makes him unliked by some but he has shown great knowledge with the PRC 25 and various other radios."

And that is the whole squad! I made the descriptions small so that you get an idea of what the characters will be like and where they are coming from. I'll have some pictures made soon as I'll draw them as I play. It will be interesting to see who makes it and who doesn't. How this works is the characters will have to go through 12 missions in order to "win" the game. This represents their 12 month tour of duty. I might run small patrols that don't count toward their 12 month count but as I don't understand the game fully yet we will see if I do count those. So now time for their mission:

Mission One: 

"Alpha Squad, lead by Staff Sergeant Williams, will be heading towards the small, but somewhat modern, 'town' of Gwin Lop to meet some advisors that have been training ARVN forces in the area. Lately it has been seen that small NVA scouting groups are ambushing the ARVN on their patrols around the town. Morale is low and the ARVN are becoming less and less wanting to go out a patrol. Alpha Squad will be conducting operations in Gwin Lop to help the situation once they arrive. Marching that far into the deep jungle and mountains will put you out of radio contact with HQ until you meet up with Gwin Lop's small radio station. For support you will be allocated one artillery bombardment a day and if needed you will have one emergency resupply a week. This will include food, water, and ammunition. As you leave HQ's fire base expect light VC resistance and booby traps but as you get deeper into the wild expect high VC resistance. Getting closer to Gwin Lop you should expect NVA resistance. That is all the information we have right now, good luck."
- HQ Briefing

Some Details:
-1 Artillery Bombardment a day is apart of the GRUNT rules but that is while the squad is in radio range of either HQ or Gwin Lop.
-1 Resupply a week is a rule made up by me so that, if needed, I will be able to learn the helicopter rules.
-The journey is a total of 35km. The squad can move either 1,3,or 4km per hour but penalties and bonuses apply for certain movement speeds.
-Ammo isn't taken into account for in the normal GRUNT rules but I will be implementing my own ammo rules that hopefully will work well with the game. :\
-Food also isn't taken into account but I will be taking it in account since this could be a long mission of things go bad.

Anyways. I'm off to play (or start) the mission and will be posting the narrative in other post(s).

Hope you're having a fun week and enjoy solo gaming!



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