Starting 28mm Modern Part 4 - Errors and Ideas


Well when I awoke this morning I found that my first poster board terrain tiled had dried, but it was warped in the corners. Saddened I went to work trying to figure out what to do while not wasting the poster board that I had bought. After the gym I went in and bought green flock and a balsa wood sheet for 10 dollars each. This balsa wood isn't the cheapest being 10 dollars for a 12 x 24 piece but it seems sturdy and a better, less warpable, option than the poster board. I will put paint on it tomorrow and then add the simple flock I bought. I did add the flock to my warped piece to see if it will warp more or stay the same as it didn't warp THAT badly, just at the corners. This is also allowing me to test and see how I want to add flock to the future pieces of terrain. My river pieces on the foam board didn't warp but I only painted the river piece on to them. I'm thinking of cutting out my river pieces and just placing those onto the future balsa board pieces. Though they will be elevated from the board I think they will still look nice.

I was looking at Spectre Miniatures website and saw that they had re-stocked the store, but still hadn't replied to my email, and the starter set I wanted was sadly out of stock. I guess I'll have to wait to buy it but, this gives me time to make some cardstock terrain and practice more camouflage methods on my T'au who are slowly getting painted because of this. One of the first sets of miniatures I'll be buying is a group of Chinese PLA modern to represent the Red For in my game.

A new idea I had was to buy some water decal paper along with the cardstock. These water decals I would use to print out custom logos to put on to the Red Rebels Security team miniatures and future vehicles. Then I would also print off various posters, banners and flags to put around the cities I make representing various propaganda depending on what area you are located in the battle. Of course I'd have to make these things since I have made a custom genre of battle.

I was thinking about those cityscapes to buy and build and I think i'll also buy the abandoned set for the more war torn and destroyed areas of the game. Combine that with the custruction and destroyed sets for an amazing battle torn city. I've actually thought up a battle that could use the SWAT team along with the Red Rebel Security Company.

One problem is the more ideas I have the more money I need to get this the way I have it in my mind. As for some missions I see the need for large groups of modern civilians, whether neutral or angry, some unique objective markers, prisoners, vehicles, and things like that to really flesh out the game but sadly I do not have the funds to do that. That's why I reel my brain back to it and go, how can I get there? This is where me working long hours and building things like terrain BEFORE I get my cool miniatures so that once I get my minis I can just paint and play right away. I believe this method will keep my motivation going but maybe not.

I hope this is helping you guys realize my mistakes as I'm already dreaming too big at the moment and have to calm myself down to a doable level of creation based on my funds. So what I learned today? It takes time to get all this stuff ready so be patient. Sure I could play with books and pop cans but wouldn't it be cooler if we were playing on grass with detailed buildings and great detailed missions? Yes it would.

My Ideas for Phase I "How it began"
Mission 1: The Riot
-Operator: Codename, Giants
In an east coast city the police have gotten intel of a large political group planning a protest. Recent invesitagions have led the law enforcement to believe that this protest might turn violent as weapon purchases and smuggling have been connected to this group. The RRSC is being hired to act as security for the town square while SWAT and the local Police are spread out across town preparing security for the threat ahead. Needless to say the protest approaches town square... armed.

Mission 2: The Border
-Operator: Codename, Dog
On a hot sunny day in the south a large group of RRSC members have been hired by anonymous government source to take out a group of cartel who have made their home in a small desert town. Intel reports that the civilians have long since been pushed out of the town while local police and national guard have met stiff resistance. In the day they are supposed to watch over the town and gain intel of who is inside but once night approaches they must proceed with their attack.

Mission 3: The Long Con
-Operator: Codename, KillemAll (KEM)
It has been days since the Red For had landed on the beaches of Cali in force. KEM listened in to all the radio traffic through his radio in RHQ-W (Red Headquarters West). He had heard about the attacks to the east and south but the fighting here seemed worse. Intense block to block combat. KEM rallied all he could but reports indicated that many Red Rebels were scattered throughout the city in need of help. KEM gathered all he could and head out to save his fellow Rebels.

Mission 4: The Slow Street
-Operator: Codename, Lil_misfit
Lil_misfit was in constant contact with his lead members trying to figure out the situation. The RRSC was getting flooded with job requests from around the United States but being so few in number they couldn't do them all. After days of conducting supply trips and coordinating members on their missions soon the Red For made it to rural America. Red Rebel convoys were being hit costing many in supplies and many injuries. Lil_misfit discovered that a small Pro-Red force was hiding in a small town nearby. It was time to stop them.

Those are my mission ideas that I want to play out to represent the beginning of the conflict. I hope it will be fun.



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