Starting 28mm Modern Part 2 - More minis and Painting Tuts


I've been looking more and more for getting into 28mm modern and I've found some more websites for modern miniatures.

Eureka Miniatures 
USA Version

This website has a neat looking collection of German, us, soviets and terrorists. I haven't bought any but they all seem to be in good detail. Within' their modern category there are two types of 28mm, Eureka (made by the company) and kriegspiel. Both look cool and would provide for a unique looking army. They even have Japanese modern troops! Now I don't know if the USA vs AU websites provide different products but there are two versions of the site.

Now I haven't checked this site out fully but it seems to be a good resource also providing some vehicles and unique unit types.


We will have to see if I order from them. But there are other sites mentioned on boards that I haven't checked fully but seem to be well stocked with good choices for variety of theatres of combat.

Mongrel Miniatures
"Sloppy Jalopy"
 Gripping Beast

Both I've read much about and they seem to be, as said before, a good variety. I still don't know exactly what period I'll be playing in so i have to think about this when looking at the stores and unit types that I want. Another thing I didn't think about until at work was learning how to paint camouflage.  So here are TWO cool places I found neat tutorials that really give you an idea on how to paint ANY camo scheme that you want to. One, this tells you how to paint 6 different types of camo and after reading each tutorial I think I could choose a random scheme and follow his thought process on how to paint it. Two, this is a simple tutorial on how to paint multicam. This one turns out neat and shows what attention to detail and patience can come up with. I'm going to practice these types of painting methods on my remaining T'au Figures coming up with my own Purple,black,grey,white camo scheme that would make them unique.

I also began to think about the ruleset that I would play. I want one with vehicles but I don't really think I'll have vehicles in it as much as I think I will. In my mind I've been deciding between Force on Force (Osprey Version) and Spectre Operations. I'm still leaning towards Spectre Operations as the starter set is just too great of a deal plus it has such great reviews it has to be good! It also uses 6 sided dice which is all I have at the moment while Force on Force uses polyhedral dice sets in its game. This weekend I will be picking up another book on modern warfare and looking for good paper terrain to represent modern day America.

My idea for the theatre of war will be the Homefront theme. Since my battles will be small I'm going to pick up a poster board and cut it into either 2'x2' or 1'x1 squares and base it. The reason I want to do that is so that I can make up my own scenarios without feeling restricted by actual events that have happened. Of course this could change as I don't really see any good "rebels" to represent every day Americans with. My 2nd choice of conflict would be focusing on a PMC group that travels the middle east or south america doing jobs. This would allow me to make up missions again without the restrictions. Of course I could just make up my own country and fight over it but I want the "conflict" to feel real or possible to the readers of my battle reports. Then again... doing a Homefront type game really doesn't feel real to many Americans as we think that could never happen but I'll come up with something.

Anyways, hope these links and tutorials help you on your own project.



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