Starting 28mm Modern Part 3 - Getting Terrain Made and Background Story


So I'm still working in the shadows to get this Homefront game made but I'm being smarter than I was with Warhammer 40k. Right now I'm building Terrain Boards using poster boards, paint and flock. Hopefully they don't warp as this is a test. I have many 10 inch by 10 inch pieces along with a couple 8inch by 10 inch pieces (being used for rivers). So I've finished Zero Footprint and I've bought Dagger 22 for research purposes on how modern warfare works. I've also been watching combat footage and some documentaries on the Ukraine conflict. Once these terrain boards are made I'll work on the paper buildings from World Works Games but from what I've read I better act fast since the man who hosts the site is leaving it for another company. Here is a list of the items I'm buying as these seem to be the best for modern terrain:

Grey Stone and Office Flats: both 4 bucks - $8
Mayhem Services - $4
Mayhem Traffic - $4
Mayhem Street Props - $4
Mayhem Destroyed - $4 (This one I'm unsure of)
Mayhem Under Construction - $4
Mayhem Apartments - $4
Mayhem Armory - $4
Mayhem Junkyard - $4
Mayhem Bank - $8
Mayhem Police- $8
Mayhem Mall - $8
Mayhem Marina -$8
Mayhem Rail - $8
Mayhem Streets - $8
Total - $88

Now this is a lot but the way I see it I get loads of INFINITE terrain for this price unlike other expensive pieces of terrain. Using Card stock and foam makes these pieces very strong plus they are all modular meaning you can mix and match them in order to create your own pieces. So $88 dollars plus the cost of Glue, Card Stock, and Foam will make this well over 100 buckaroos but I have ideas for each set for battles. Maybe I can get some of my relatives to help me build this stuff... then again maybe not. So seeing this trend of spending when will I buy miniatures? When my terrain is done or at least most of it.

So I've been thinking about the story behind this homefront conflict and here it is so far:

I will be playing a company called the "Red Rebels Security Company", these guys are a small company of 100 members ranging across the world split into two Operations. The American Operations (AmOp) and the European Operations (EuOp, pronounced YOU-OP). Overall three people run the company, all who are stationed in the United States. They have members from all over with varied experiences in Security and Combat ranging from fighting cartel members in Bolivia and allied with various Counter Terrorism groups in stopping major or growing organizations. Made up of Ex-Military, Special Forces, CIA, and various other elite groups this small security force is very skilled.

Upon the increase of the Ukraine conflict and a surge of Radical Islam in the middle east the NATO nations took actions to help prevent these from breaking out causing more damage. Bombings, shootings and various demonstrations were common throughout NATO countries causing internal conflict. Unbeknownst to the United States their navies were one day attacked by unknown and unmarked ships. A few months later various radical groups, ranging from radical religious and political groups, began to accelerate their attacks and were seen with weapons as if they had become militarized. These conflicts popped up around the country for many months as the national guard and police forces dispatched of each of them but they kept happening.

Then it happened, one "protest" was eliminated quickly but a known Russian spetnaz was killed there. After this was found various sleeper cells were activated, unknowingly to the US Gov, and the invasion began by the combined forces known as "Red For".

"Red For" is made up of North Korea, Russia, Mexico, and many other smaller nations. Though China refuses that they are apart of this new coalition many of the Red For's arms can be traced back to Chinese factories but with no proof of the Chinese supplying them purposely no action can be taken against them. Large naval and aerial attacks began to happen across the United states as various paid Cartel and the Mexican military began occupying the southern reaches of the United States. Needless to say chaos ensued as the Military and Government flew into action.

That is my story so far. I hope it is understandable and reasonable but who cares... it gives me an excuse to use many miniatures I want and to recreate America and fight for it!

So as you see my thought process on how I'm going to be building up my collection and ruleset is now becoming finalized. For whatever game you're getting into you don't have to follow my process but if you really give thought into what you want to play and build it will make the experience more fun for you! One problem I have is I can't find any suburban/rural American buildings in paper terrain forum which seems to be a problem but I think after building those PDFs I can either make my own or mix the pieces to build my own!

Welp I hope this is helping you guys out with your hobby as this blog is helping me out!



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