"The Way" - A Game of Martial Arts and Magic


So it has been a while since I've written anything of late but I will tell you this: I have not stopped thinking about cool things and ideas. Over the past week I have been thinking about a table top role playing game that is focused around martial arts. It still will have weapons as weapons are apart of martial arts but the hand to hand combat will be better. The hard thing is coming up with a fitting ruleset that makes it simple but fun at the same time all while allowing the flexibility of weapons being included in the mix. I began to think about a d20 system but for some reason switched over to a d6 system in my mind. Maybe its because many people understand and recognize the d6 more than the polyhedral dice. What I've come up with is this:

A character's body will be divided into 3 parts: Top, middle and lower (bottom).
Characters will have 2 stats for their arms and legs: Strength and Speed.
Strength represents attacking and damage while Speed acts as defense and movement.
In the beginning of character creation you will choose a body type:
Light will start off with 3 Speed, 1 Strength and 1 Toughness.
Medium will start off with 2 Speed, 2 Strength and 2 Toughness.
Heavy will start off with 1 Speed, 3 Strength and 3 Toughness.
Toughness is used to resist damage taken.
Other stats are Will (used to resist and cast magic), Corruption (counts the amount of corruption).

For each point you have in a stat equals 1 die that you roll.

Since the main focus of this game is martial arts I plan on using a keyword system for the attacks that allows players who wish to create their own style to also create their own moves.

A move is made up of 3 parts:
[Attribute] + [Target Location] + [Type of Attack]

Example of this would be: Powerful Upper Cut

Powerful: This suggests its stronger than a normal upper cut. Maybe through Magic or just pure strength.

Upper: This means that it attacks the Opponent's Upper location meaning the defender MUST defend with their speed of their arms.

Cut: A type of attack.

So let me list all the Types I can think of:


Now let me think of all the types of Locations


Now let me think of all the types of Attributes:

That is the basics of what I'm thinking of at the moment. Each Keyword would add its own effect to the attack type. The more complex the attack the more it would take to learn it.

Just a small post but I'm still alive!



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