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Yes, another post today. So I've laid out all my assembled T'au figures and WOW I have a lot. If I had a phone I would take a picture to show you but... that is not an option at the moment. So I'm almost done painting the broad side. I just have the various weapon systems to paint. Then I'll paint all the individual Fire warriors, then the kroot, then the Crisis suits, then the drones, then the tide wall, etc etc. You get the gist. As I'm preparing to go to bed after setting those guys up I've been looking at various Vietnam era rule sets and I've found a lot. Most of these are RPGs as I'd be able to interchange the rules if needed or homebrew them all together. So here is what I'm considering for rules:

1) Grunt

I'm considering this one as it is cheap though only in PDF forum and I've heard a lot about it in a positive light but a search for youtube game sessions of this results in nothing. Its a d6 system which is neat and good for me as I've lost all my polyhedral dice. Very high on the list at the moment.

2) Patrol

This one I just heard about today. It seems really cool and detailed plus has a physical copy available to buy! 200+ pages full of information, rules and more. Not too bad for pricing, $20+, and it seems to contain more than Grunt does. I believe this is also a d6 system.

3) Recon: Advanced Revised edition

This one I've wanted for a long time and I've read okay reviews about it. Mostly text reviews as the game is older but this one is in a physical color copy which is a bonus and uses polyhedral dice. What intrigues me would be the rules they have for various things like VC, radio and character interaction as I could easily adapt those to another system without the need for polyhedral dice.


This is a WWII based system but I want to look at the rules to see if I can modify them to a 'Nam ruleset. They are PDF only which is a negative for me as I like physical copies but I can always get a print shop to make one. This one will eventually be bought before I go to china as it has a good price and good reviews from what I've read plus I like the guy's writings that I've read (his blog posts). These rules are made for solo play only and he posts the house rules that he makes FOR HIS OWN GAME which I find hilarious. This will be bought shortly after my first Vietnam purchase.

5) Ambush Valley

Buying this for a good set of War game scale rules for Vietnam war fighting. Most of these others have been RPGs but I also want a good war game to go with the Vietnam era and according to most on the web, this is it. I don't know what kind of system it is but we will have to see.

Those are the ones I'm considering on getting. Eventually I might have all of them if this Vietnam Project really gets rolling but we will see. I really wish I found the 'Nam rules that we had made. I guess in China we will just have to make a whole 'nother set of rules. Call it Version 3 or 3rd edition. We will see. I guess I better get to sleep. I'm going to look at some Vietnam minis and maybe a couple painting tutorials. So far the colors I need for the USA are OD green, Black/White Skin tones, Black, Brown and a wash. For the VC I need Tan skintone, Kaki, black, and brown. For the NVA I need Kaki, tan skin, brown, black, red, and yellow. So overall I'll need to buy around 9 paints for this project and at $4 a bottle that would be $36 for paint alone. Ouch.

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