I just got done talking to my dad who is overseas right now and I told him of the Vietnam idea. He liked it but said that I should think on it since I'm not taking my T'au over that maybe I should slow down on the painting and building. He also said to stop building his army, which I already have, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of playing 'Nam over in china which is a shame. Its good for my wallet as I'll be saving money if I stop these projects and I could go back to programming and exercising more but I've really enjoyed painting and building these guys and terrain. We will see what happens, as always. I could just sell my army once its been painted which would be a huge boost to money... kinda. I'm guessing I could get 150 dollars or more for my army which still makes me lose money. No, I'd want more.

This puts me in a predicament, should I continue after this or should I stop and just focus on saving money for China? Not doing this would give me more time for other things like learning some Chinese and the two things I said above but they all feel like work where as this always feels relaxing. "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy", or something like that. I guess this all has been a waste of money since I don't think I'll be taking it. Think of it here is how much money I would have if I didn't buy these guys:

Starter Set - $85
Fire Warrior Box (new) - $50
Infiltration Cadre - $120
Pathfinders - $35
Fire Warriors x2 (old) - $30 = $60
Fire Warriors (old) - $35
XV8 Crisis Battle Suits (old) - $65
Broadside Battlesuit - ???
Kroot x2 = $60

So around $510 dollars for all of this. That is close to 2 weeks pay meaning I could be halfway to my China goal if I didn't buy all of these guys. Wow, I guess I should stop buying these figures. That's also not including paints, imperial guard, glue, and green stuff. All of that would probably add up to 200 or 300 more dollars spent on the hobby. Its fun though. Its the only thing I do on the weekends and my free time as my PC is gone to frizz (i'm using my tablet at the moment), there isn't a good martial arts place nearby, and I don't have friends near me. The other things I like to do like grill and yard work I'm not supposed to do anymore.

Last night I read the preview for Patrol and it really does seem neat. Its inspired by the old Recon: Revised game so I guess I wouldn't have to buy that one after all.


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