October 20th - Deep Sleep

Section from the famous mural at the Shaolin Temple

Autumn here is very pretty.

The mornings are cool, the afternoons warm, followed by quiet evenings.

This kind of weather paired with the training that I do makes me sleep very well.

I wonder if I'll remember these mornings as fondly as I do now. How the sunrise would creep through my window. How every morning I'd hear the birds chirping. Before, the mornings used to be more noisy. Zoey and Emma used to rattle their chains and bark. The neighbors' chickens used to crow. Mama and Papa Bao would be roaming around the school doing various tasks. Not anymore.

The only "loud" noise in the mornings come from Mufasa, the school's cat, as he meows whenever I'm awake. What will happen to him once I'm gone? Maybe he'll be like Zoey and take off once he realizes I'm not coming back. Whatever happens, I hope he's safe as he is a pretty good cat.

Planning ~ 准备

Now is the time to start planning on what I'm going to be doing next. For the short term plan of being in Shanghai I'd like to focus more on studying and "working". Studying Chinese and Buddhism/Daoism more while working on videos. Another thing I'd like to work on is revamping my blog to make it nicer looking. I might even change what its about but I'm not sure.

I don't think anything is going to come from the Dan Dong job. This means that I also need to think about what I'm going to do once I'm back home. Get a job. Study. Train.

For my next Kung Fu School I actually asked Master Bao if he knew about any. He spoke well about Qufu and said he heard the one in Kunming is good. I was surprised to hear him say don't go to the Siping Kung Fu School because, even though it was one of the first foreigner schools, its now old and not kept up. Master Bao also mentioned Yun Tai as being a big school but the owner is a "business man" and he left it at that.

There is plenty of time to think about my next school, so I'll just have to wait.

This is what rolls through my head in the morning.

Hope you all are having a good week.

Almost finished learning the straight sword!


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