October 21st - Compliments From the Master

Shaolin Mural, Dual Swords vs Pudao

I finished studying Dharma's Straight Sword (达摩剑). 

More so, I was surprised by Master Bao complimenting me on how fast I study and how in shape/conditioned I was for the form. We also joked about how if I train my Kung Fu in the parks of Shanghai how I could become "famous" from that. There is still a lot I need to practice and iron out but it feels nice to end this form this way. Next week, Master Bao wants to take a video of me doing the form. This way he can show students a student doing the form and not just a master.

Small dishes usually paired with fried cakes, rice, or noodles.

Eating with the Masters ~ 和师傅吃饭

Yesterday during lunch, Master Tang asked me if I wanted to go to a small show and perform my Kung Fu. Thirty Seconds is all they need. At first I was hesitant, a thousand excuses flooded into my brain. Then I asked, "What do you want me to do?". He already told me but by asking this question, it calmed my mind. Master Tang elaborated that I would be going with him to a new school and performing my Kung Fu in front of some kids. A weapon show would be better than showing a fist form. This made me think of the performance I did earlier where I flubbed up my spear moves.

It's another chance.

So I said I could perform part of my spear form. Which is what last night consisted of... and this morning will also consist of practicing my spear. Tomorrow I'll tell you how the performance goes.

Hope you're having a good Wednesday.

One more chance to perform this right.


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