October 9th - I'm Back!

"The Battle of Maling Mountain"
It's cold this morning.


I'm finally back to writing posts as I bought a new computer while in Xinyi.

It does feel a bit weird to be back at the school as Master Peng has gone off to Gansu for travel/work. Now, the school houses Master Bao, Coach Qi, Mama/Papa Bao, and me. My plans for my final month at the Kung Fu School are to make some videos, study the Monk Spade, and prep for my Shanghai trip.

My leg, which was injured two weeks ago, is now better. Taking two weeks off to recover was probably the smartest decision I've made while here. Even while in Xinyi, there was a day that my leg hurt just from walking around so much. Today will be a test to see how it performs.

Just a small update for you guys.

Hope your adventures are going well!

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