Another good morning...

...and another great breakfast! I guess my plan to make an evening post didn't quite work out because I came home from MMA, ate dinner and went to bed. So I was tired but class went well. I was told I have improved a lot since I started even though I do not think so as I still do the basic kicks incorrectly. I have practiced many different martial arts throughout the years so I haven't been able to progress in them because of my travels. Needless to say I'm a white belt forever. I do hope to visit some of the old places of my training to see how they are or if they are still there.

A smaller breakfast since its the weekend.
My weekends are usually relaxing. On Saturday I play games and go out around town with friends to practice Chinese and on Sundays I spend time with my family. Today I will be going to a science museum and then noodle restaurant with some friends. The morning will be spent playing video games with some friends in America. I'll try to study some chinese real quick before I leave to meet up with friends.

That's really it, I use every weekend to relax with friends and family after working hard throughout the week on other things like MMA, studying and preparing for my future plans. Since its getting cooler in Shanghai its even harder to get out of my comfy and warm bed but I still wake up early to prepare for the day.

So... that's really all!


"Fishy diem or something like that. Seize the day"


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