My schedule... finally getting better! I was able to study, buy the new card (didn't go to the gym), go to a surprisingly easy MMA class and eat some nice dinner. Got to bed around 9pm. The rest of the time that I wasn't doing those goals I was playing games, stretching, listening to music or just doing nothing.

I'm also trying to implement writing in this blog back into my schedule. The past few posts i've written while I'm eating breakfast which works. Makes my breakfast time about an hour long but in that hour I make a post that someone some day will read! Its like when I sometimes study Chinese while on the toilet, what else am I gonna do?

This morning's breakfast.

This morning I made a nice breakfast for myself to help recover. Fruits, fruit juice mix, 2 eggs, rice (cooked in chicken stock), 2 lightly toasted pieces of bread and my favorite green tea. I think for lunch I'll have left overs from dinner. We have a nice chili and some delicious pasta that would sure help me recover and prepare for MMA class. I don't really know what dinner would be since I don't know who is cooking or buying it today.

Though something I forgot to mention is that I woke up at 7am today instead of 5 or 6. I did wake up at 6 but went back to sleep because it was dark and my body was sore. Which is okay, I usually feel fine waking up at 7 but 8 or 9 and I feel like I start to miss out on the day.

So what are today's goals?
  • Study from my chinese book. (Chapter 4 and 5)
  • Go to MMA class
  • Stretch today
  • Read something
  • Update resume
Not many goals today so that spells out a lot of free time for me.

That's really all I have to write for now. Maybe some thoughts will come to me and I can start a new segment on here called "evening thoughts". Oohh, 2 posts a day will be tricky!


"Have a good day and motivate yourself with pancakes."


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