What an early morning...

...to start your day am I right? Man, that previous post was a complete buzz kill on my part. Sorry about that guys. I might remove it as to not scare away new viewers. I woke up at 6am today after going to bed really late because of two way too vivid nightmares. After that I couldn't sleep even though I wanted to. Way too spooky. Actually only one of them was spooky and the other was a very angry dream where I was arguing with somebody about getting into my stuff. The spooky dream was weird. There was this witch, a dude with black hair and a mask, and then they were in my room while it was dark and the witch started to crawl on my bed so when I woke up it just seemed like the witch and dude disappeared. I didn't like that one bit.

Another delicious breakfast!
Time to talk about my breakfast I guess. I finally got bread and bananas so I made some toasted PBJ sandwiches to eat with an apple and banana. Yes, there is another mochi dessert along with a bottle of water and a class of peach/apple juice. Really good stuff I tell you! 10/10 But to be honest this breakfast is a nice "break" from my rice heavy breakfasts lately. Rice is cheap here so I usually buy a bag of it each time. Well, yesterday my bag ran out so I have to get another one. It's also way too early to be cooking my normal breakfast since I'm trying to let my dad sleep in today before he travels to another city.

A nice view from my porch. 6:30 am Shanghai December 20th
Just a small post today. I really don't want to write much today after what I wrote yesterday but I plan to study, workout and go to class.

How's your guys' morning?


"Never give up and always stand back up"

Music: Neil Young "Old Man"


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