Night time in Wuxi is...

...different than in Shanghai but still nice. I've heard people consider Wuxi to be a small town but by American standards people would either laugh or be shocked at what this "small town" is. Its a decently sized town, more so a small city to most Western places but I can see that it is smaller.

On my first day here I was able to simply eat at an empty restaurant with my family, walk around the outside of the hotel, and then play video games into the night. I'm not a photographer but I was able to get some pictures of outside the room's window. Today was a little hazy and polluted but it still looked nice. I like the amount of rivers that flow through Wuxi compared to Shanghai and seeing the cool boats that rest within the waters.

Day time picture, after arriving to the hotel.
Very dark image of what it was like outside at night.

Picture of the calmer looking side of Wuxi.
No meal pictures, no workouts and no crazy adventure today. Just a small bit of travel and getting settled in mixed in with some studying.

What have been some of your best adventures?


"The simple things in life are sometimes the best."

No music, just quiet time.


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