I'm back in China...

...after two weeks of traveling the glorious United States of America. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get my "China Schedule" back into order. It's currently 6:09 am on December 6th. I awoke at 4-5am with some stomach issues but that is okay now. I think its just because of the big changes in diet between travel and China. So what will I do today?

That is the purpose of me writing today. When I plan out my day in the morning I do not write down times and the lengths that I have to do everything. I just make a list of things I want to do today and see if, by the end of the day, I can get it all accomplished. My usual list is this:

  • Gym: Run, Lift Weights, Swim
  • Study some Chinese
  • Go to Muay Thai Class
  • Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
And that is about my schedule for every normal day before I traveled to America. But because of a silly mistake (me losing my card to go to the gym) I have to change my plan to something like this:
  • Go get a new Card
  • Study Chinese: New Vocab, Pronounciation, Listening
  • Go to Muay Thai Class
  • Eat 3 meals today
Why do I put 3 meals a day? Well, since I've got back from traveling my stomach has been acting up and I really didn't eat well while in America because I'm dumb.

Why put more detail for Study Chinese? Well, I realized some things I need to focus on today while studying last time and I just like to remind myself of what I need to do.

Now this is a short list for all day and you're right it is but I've found out how long each activity usually takes.
  • Gym: 1-4 hours
  • Study: 1-3 hours
  • Eating 3 Meals: 3 hours (1 per meal not including prep time)
  • Muay Thai: 1 hour (not including going there and coming back)
 So really I have 6-11 hours of my day planned out already. I normally get up at 5-7 and go to bed around 9-11. Let's say today follows my recent pattern of 5am-9pm. That is 16 hours (I think) for me to do stuff. Let's say I do a full 11 hour day that still leaves me 5 hours of nothing, so what do I do? I rest, snack, chat, play games and other small things like that. I do have a family and friends to talk to and spend time with. Sometimes I just walk around Shanghai to cool my head and think or (most often) I listen to music and clean. Sometimes, I write!

A normal breakfast for me: Toasted PBJ, Fruit, Yakult, Tea, Water.

Welp, hope you enjoyed this. Gotta get dressed and shower so good luck with your day!



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