Post Workout Review

Well, this is a very post workout review... its like two hours later but I still wanted to do this. Today I worked out later and it was a very short workout only 1 hour long. I cut out a lot of stuff today because mentally I wasn't ready for a full blown workout. But you have to do something every day even if its go for 30-60 minutes. As long as you go everyday you will make it a routine.

I really skipped out on stretching today because these two people were acting weird in the stretching area.

Toe Touches
Leg on the Bar
3 Sets of Pushups 20, 40, 30
Shoulder stretches

Today was my arm focus. I felt good after doing all of this as my legs are the "dominant" muscle on my body at this point. But I won't forget my legs and core.

Dumb bell Curls 2x10 Struggled Today
Chest Press 3x10 Huge New Max
Dips 3x10
Uneven Bar Curls 3x10 New Addition
Bench Press 3x 10,7,5 New Max

Always do core. Even a little bit. Today was a little bit.

Sit Ups (Straight Back, Crunches) 2x20

Then I went to Muay Thai Class after one hour of rest. The class went great and we followed our normal schedule of that. More teeps, kicks, punches, and knees. So many knees...

Came home, showered, drank protein shake and ate food. It was really a nice workout. About 2 hours of working out today. So... that's it bros.


"Struggles are normal, its how you overcome them that determines if you will succeed or not."

Music: XXXTentaction"Sad" Lil Dicky Russel Westbrook on a Farm, Make Belief


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