Another Late morning post...

...because I'm still not back to my "paradise schedule" of a month ago. But I woke up at 7 am and browsed the web for a bit on my phone before wishing my dad a good day while he headed off to work. I awoke, brushed my teeth and began to make breakfast while conversing with some friends on Discord and WeChat.

I figured today I will try and study some Chinese and then workout. For my workout I want to strive for 2 hours meaning stretching, cardio + a muscle group and core. Let's see if that'll work or not. I'll actually go workout after I write this because early morning is such a nice time to go workout, clear your mind, and prepare for the day ahead.

I do need to clear my head because of some personal things that have happened so along with studying and working out I'm going to study my religion today. Something I really haven't done since I've gotten to China. I think the whole "triforce" thing is important. Meaning Mind, Body and Spirit combined as one create a strong being. Right now my mind is through studying Chinese and it's characters, Body is through the process of MMA and intense exercise while Spirit is through making friends and really evaluating what I say is important to what I actually do in real life. My religious views strengthen my spirit and so have the "events" in my life. Which is why Spirit, Mind and Body can be different for everyone.

Breakfast: Rice, 2 Eggs and Mango Mochi with hot water.
My breakfast was relatively "light" today. I think I drank 3 cups of hot water while eating 1 cup of rice mixed with Goji berries (wolfberries), 2 fried eggs and a mango mochi ball. Pretty good and filling but I can tell I'll be hungry by the time I'm done with the gym. I try to keep my meals consistent with 3 meals a day. No calorie tracking or and specific diet but my goal is to eat healthy. With Christmas being around and all these sweets being baked I've definitely started to consume more sugar but I try to offset that with consuming water or eating something healthier. Its a balance but not one that I obsess over.

So what is your plan for the week?


"Just calm down, relax, and clear your mind. It'll help."

Music: Samurai Trap Beats


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