Post Workout Review

I feel like I just wrote one of these but it really wasn't that long ago. Just last night after MMA class. Time really does fly doesn't it?

This time I went a little earlier to the gym at about 9-10 am. For recovery I had 2 bottles of water, apple/peach juice, and some pretzels... also another mochi and some cookies. Yea, really sticking to the healthy foods aren't I?

So today I didn't skip out on much though it still wasn't a full workout. I think around 2 hours is when I cut it off today.

Warm Up:
Shoulder Stretches
Neck Stretches
Torso Twists
Toe Touches
Pushups 10... just 10 pushups
Stretch Squat

6.5 Incline
10 mins 8.0
10 mins 8.5
10 mins 9.0
5 mins Cool Down

Dumb Bell Butterfly Thing 3x10 10kg,10kg,14kg
Chest Press 3x10
Uneven Bar Curls 3x10 New Max
Bench Press 3 sets (10,10,5) New Max

Squats 3x10 135,155,185
(I count running as working on legs as well)

Though I did a lot I realized that I forgot to do core which is something I hate forgetting. Oh well, at least in Muay Thai class I will make it up.

How are you guys doing?


"Gotta push yourself like that little train on the hill. I know I can, I know I can"

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