No workout today but...

...I am getting ready to travel to Wuxi (无锡)so that will be fun. My mom has some places marked that she wants to go to, there is a gym in the hotel we are staying at, and I'll probably be able to use my Chinese some since I've heard that Wuxi has a very small English speaking populace. This will be tough as I'm not good at Chinese at all. I can barely buy batteries without the old lady getting impatient with me. So what have I been doing with my morning?

My breakfast.
 Well, as always, I ate breakfast at 8am. We had to get rid of left overs so I ate the last bits of Joe's Pizza with some fruit, water, and Yakult. As I'm writing this I'm drinking a protein shake. I also ate a box of brownie bites that my mom had made for "dessert" with my breakfast. I'd say this was a good breakfast to prepare me for travel

I packed my clothes and got dressed for this 3-4 day trip. What is difficult is that I will be traveling to Nanjing (南京) once I get back so Friday will be a super laundry day as I don't own many clothes. After packing and talking with my parents I put on some tunes to start studying Chinese phrases. Really this was just a refresher for how to book a hotel and some new adjectives to remember. Below is how I study. I've found that I use Lingodeer, Pleco, DuChinese, Some Youtube Channels and Google Translate for my study needs. Along with the occasional internet search for, "How to say...". It's simple and I really don't use my time in China to the fullest but if someone studied as much as I did and actually went out and talked to people. They'd be fluent in like 6 months tops. My teacher (when I took classes) ran me through 2.5 books in 3 months. They said they were surprised at my progress. Imagine if I was actually social... boom Chinese master.
A couple of pages from my notes.
I will admit that my thoughts today personally haven't been the most positive. I don't know why but I'm sure they'll go away eventually. I've gotta keep planning out the rest of my time here as I keep missing too many MMA classes because of travel and my time to use Chinese is lessening. At least i've made one friend who I'm able to text with and practice Chinese. Better than nothing.

So what have you all been working on lately?


"Sometimes you've gotta force yourself to do something you don't want to do."

Listened to the albumn: Neveroddoreven by iMonster and Die this Way by Hopsin


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