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So today I've been thinking more about my robot army idea at work which lead to me thinking about 15mm wargaming. Now I've always wanted to start 15mm wargaming in the past as it has so many benefits to 28mm wargaming. Number 1 is the price of the miniatures and the quantity that you get. Then the next is the rulesets for 15mm. Most of them are very generic so that you can use any miniatures that you want for the game meaning every army could be different and have similar stats or different if they are representing different factions. Another one is storage as they are super easy to store and they are also easier to paint (now this one is debatable). That is what draws me into 15mm that and the scale that you are able to achieve with so many figures on the table at once.

Now why am I thinking about this? Well, I have to save money for the trip to China and frankly... 28mm is expensive, especially when buying from Games Workshop, and is sapping my money so in order to keep the hobby part of me happy I've been looking into 15mm rulesets and various 15mm miniature websites. (There are a lot!) I honestly don't think I would want to collect a 15mm Sci Fi army or more so I wouldn't want to play a 15mm Sci Fi game. (Collecting would be fine) The two themes or genre I would want to play 15mm in would be a modern theme or Vietnam war. For the modern theme I had the idea of building maps that look like the area that I live in and playing a "Homefront" type narrative campaign which would always be fun. The reason I don't know if I would want to play a Sci-Fi game would be I like my T'au and Imperial Guard armies. If I could make a 15mm T'au army that would be really fun. The idea I had for a Sci-Fi game I'd like to play would be to do Greys vs Humans. The humans would have very "retro" looking helmets with the glass bubble around them and the Greys would be... grey and have UFOs and such. That would be fun. I'd like to make a Sci-Fi goblin army but there are not any miniatures for Sci-Fi goblins so they would be some hard conversions to do. I guess 15mm WWII would be neat to do also. One thing I've never liked about 15mm is how you have multiple units on one base but it does make sense. I think I'd keep mine separate.

Now I must admit I'm taking breaks from writing this article to look at various 15mm websites and think about the two armies I'd like to see battling eachother and what ruleset I'd like to use in order to play the game. I'll post links to the websites I've liked or want something from. Maybe once I get to my halfway point for raising money I'll use the next pay check to completely swarm myself with 15mm stuff... then panic and never paint them :) (Can you use a smiley face as a period?). I really like the idea of the "retro" wars as its something different and "innocent" compared to most types of games out there. Instead of Grey I think I'd paint my alien guys green so that they stand out and I use another color besides grey!

I don't know if I'll ever do this but it would be neat to try as it is cheap to just "test" meaning buy 10 or so models, paint them, and play with them. So below are some websites that I'm still looking at:


rebel minis

ground zero games

old glory

khurasan miniatures

Looking at this place for terrain:
This place

I bet I'll update this post with more as I look throughout the day but I was wondering what is your guys' opinion on 15mm gaming. Should I get into it? What ruleset is "best"? Are there any 15mm Warhammer 40k models out there? Anyways, i've spent more time looking at websites than actually playing the game. One thing I didn't think about was playing a Crusades type game in 15mm as I love the Crusades and the Templars.

Hope you are having a good day,



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