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Recently with my time at work I've been reading articles online about solo wargaming. It does seem strange that solo wargaming is a taboo among the wargamers but I have had fun doing it in the past, especially with D&D. Now I have to try making solo wargaming random as D&D usually gives profiles for their various monsters which is what I'm trying to do with types.

This guy explains really well why people wargame solo and how you can do it (hint: just have fun).


This guy does really well giving a small framework of how to have simple, not complicated, solo battles for any game type. He uses the example of a Napoleonic game with two armies. What I like from his example is "Critical Areas". I might use this instead of the normal objectives. Instead of a small marker on the map you can use a piece of terrain or even a building as the objective. This could be cool for certain battles but not cool for other battles so I'll experiment with it during the campaign.


One idea I didn't think of was making cards with random actions or something like that. Maybe turning those random battle events in the Solo Heresy PDF into cards. With cool images and the description below I think that would be a neat idea but I also have to edit some of the rules for 8th edition.

This website is a neat find for me and they even make their own Web magazine for you to subscribe to! So far I've only skimmed some articles but the website seems to have good quality content on it.

I've realized that I haven't really put many pictures of my army on here so I'd like to explain what I'm working on at the moment. I just received my lego crystals I bought for my "mining" breachers to use as an accessory to basing them. So here they are at the moment:

They were definitely bigger than I remember but they do look really cool in with the characters!

I've also sculpted backpacks using green stuff on the back of them to hold crystals. Some breachers (I think 3 of them) will be holding a piece of the crystal.

I think they look cool but some people will probably think its dumb or too big. One problem with these lego pieces is I broke my exacto blade so the plastic is harder than I thought. Guess I'll buy another one tomorrow.
 Tomorrow I get paid so I'm thinking of buying magnets or the sentinel tomorrow or saving it for a trip. We will see what tomorrow brings as I still have to finish painting the rest of the 15 imperial guard infantry I have.

I've been rethinking the infantry I need:

10 Figures for Rough Riders
10-20 figure for Veterans
10-20 Figures for Scions
50 Figures for Infantry/Conscripts (That would be 5 boxes so 100 dollars).
A model for each commander (4) "Main Characters"
Models for each platoon commander (8?) "Sub Characters"

Thats about what I need for the army infantry wise as I still want three of each vehicle even though that would give the IG an advantage vehicle wise so I might need to buy less vehicles or buy more tau vehicles. Buying less vehicles would let me finish the project faster. If I did decrease the vehicles then I'd want 1 Gideon Battle tank, 2 Sentinels and 3 Hueys. As you see... I want those Hueys. :)

I've been doing research on what scale to get for the vehicles and I found that 1/48 or 1/55 1/56 is the closest we can get for the 28mm. They run around 20 dollars so I can get 3 for cheap. I'm thinking of getting some model tanks in those scale also since these models are cheaper so I can get some nice tank models. If I do buy tanks I think I'll buy the panzer 4s as they seem to fit the 40k style the best and are closest to the "Lemon" Russ. I wanted some Chimeras and I saw that the Panzer II Flamingo tank would fit that the best. These all range from 20-40 dollars each and since I have a hobby shop with these nearby I won't have to pay shipping!

Add spray paint to this cost and this weekend I might be spending around 100+ dollars if I can this weekend for models and supplies. He... "if I can".

Here are a few older pictures of my army. Some things have already changed since this picture.

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  1. Edit: I've been working on some other small home rules for the campaign and I'm excited to post them in tomorrow's post but I also wanted to save these cool little guys to use as Auxilleries for the T'au or even just a "natural" enemy on the planet Fue'gel.

    Command Team:

    Team One:

    Team Two:

    Sadly they are 33 dollars for Fifteen minis which is a bit steep but they are metal!

    Here is another possibility for emplacements throughout the map:


    Cheap and with really good detail!

    Horses for the Rough Riders:



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